USA – US Supreme Court ruling on Louisiana abortion law expected 29 June

In the US Supreme Court, all decisions are announced by June 30 and usually on Mondays, so we are advised that 29 June will probably be the date when the Supreme Court either sells abortion down the river or rules in support of women’s rights and the rule of law. The case is called June Medical Services v. Russo. It could lead to the shuttering of clinics across not just the state of Louisiana but also large parts of the country. The worst-case scenario is that abortion clinics would no longer be able to bring lawsuits on behalf of their patients, as has been common for decades.

USA – US FDA asked to shut down anti-abortion websites promoting unsafe “abortion pill reversal”

Three US anti-abortion groups’ websites have been identified that claim – falsely – that it is possible to reverse the effects of the abortion pill. The Campaign for Accountability is a US non-partisan, non-profit watchdog organisation that uses research, litigation, and aggressive communications to expose misconduct and malfeasance in public life. They have asked the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) to seize the website domains and shut down this group of websites because … Continued


The combination of anti-abortion views, religious fanaticism, populism and right-wing politics is a dangerous cocktail. But that is what has been emerging in recent years as the underpinnings of contemporary anti-abortion movements in different parts of the world, with the added danger that they are connecting internationally. Here are four recent reports from Croatia, Latin America, Moldova and the USA

USA – The story of Jane Roe: a lifelong struggle to heal from hardship and abuse

‘Jane Roe’ was the pseudonym of the pregnant woman who went to the US Supreme Court in 1970 seeking a legal abortion. In 1973 the Court granted the right to abortion, though too late for her. Her real name and the story of her life were hidden. For those in the US abortion rights movement, much of her story seems to have emerged over the years, both when she went public to say she no … Continued

CANADA – Canada’s Abortion Caravan: Looking back at an historic reproductive rights movement

Fifty years ago this weekend, hundreds of women from across Canada arrived in Ottawa to protest an abortion law passed by Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s government in 1969. They arrived in a convoy led by a Volkswagen van with a black coffin strapped to the roof. They argued that the existing law was too restrictive, forcing women to seek unregulated abortions by unqualified practitioners that resulted in hundreds of deaths each year. It was only in … Continued

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