CANADA – Ontario’s top court rules that religious doctors must offer patients an ‘effective referral’ for assisted dying, abortion and birth control

Physicians who object on moral grounds to providing healthcare services such as assisted dying, abortion and birth control must offer their patients an “effective referral” to another doctor, Ontario’s highest court has ruled. In a unanimous decision released on 15 May, the Court of Appeal for Ontario reaffirmed a lower court’s conclusion that it was a reasonable limit on the religious freedom of doctors to require them to connect their patients with willing providers of … Continued

CANADA: SOLIDARITY REQUEST – Health minister’s non-response to doctor’s query on better abortion access

Clinic 554 was represented in Ottawa this week as one of two national recipients of the Peter Gillespie Social Justice Award recognising commitment to sexual and reproductive health and rights. As part of the award, we were flown to Parliament Hill to discuss New Brunswick’s purposeful exclusion of abortion funding from community-based settings, despite its knowledge of the increased health risks to patients in hospitals, and its willful negligence in acknowledging how its regulatory restrictions … Continued

CANADA – Canada removes access barriers to abortion with mifepristone + misoprostol

Over the first year of mifepristone being available in Canada (2017-18), we conducted surveys and interviews with physicians and pharmacists and invited them to join a virtual Community of Practice. We explored their barriers to providing mifepristone – mandated physician-only dispensing and pharmacist training, inadequate coverage and payment, and confusion about changing regulations.

CANADA: ULTRASOUND & MEDICAL ABORTION – Doctors in Canada can now prescribe abortion pills without a woman having to have an ultrasound. 

Previously, the Canadian product monograph for medical abortion pills (brand name Mifegymiso) indicated that an ultrasound was required before prescribing the pills to confirm the number of weeks of pregnancy and to rule out an ectopic pregnancy. “With the changes to the product monograph, prescribers now have the flexibility to use their medical judgment on how best to determine gestational age and to rule out an ectopic pregnancy,” said the news release by Health Canada. … Continued

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