CANADA – Federal Health Minister tells all provinces to fund abortion care

Canada’s Federal Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor is asking all provinces to remove abortion access barriers, saying she is concerned about policies and fees that are “out of step” with federal law. The letter was sent after an investigation by the Globe and Mail that revealed many women across Canada are facing difficulty accessing abortion care because of costs and a lack of prescribers for the abortion pill. The letter urges the provinces to find … Continued

CANADA – App that connects users with abortion providers launched across Canada

An new web-based app, accessed through the Sexual Health Options Resources and Education (SHORE) Centre, a sexual health resource centre in Waterloo, Canada, matches people with their nearest abortion provider. It asks for some information about the woman, e.g. what abortion method she wants, and then provides an instant referral. The app was launched across Canada on 19 June 2019. It was developed for the Shore Center with the help of a local tech company … Continued

CANADA – The abortion trial of Dr Emily Stowe in 1879

The abortion trial of Emily Stowe was a famous early Canadian judicial decision on abortion in Canada. The case involved Dr Emily Stowe, one of Canada’s first female doctors. Stowe was acquitted, which was a rare outcome for abortion trials in the 19th century. The case began after one Sarah Ann Lovell, an unmarried teenager, was found dead in August 1879. It was discovered after she had died that she had been pregnant. Furthermore, she … Continued

EL SALVADOR – A new president but survivors of sexual violence are still forced to be mothers

In the end, says Canada’s CBC News, “Imelda Cortez’s story was too much even for El Salvador’s famously harsh courts. It was making news around the world, and DNA had confirmed that the newborn she was accused of attempting to murder was the product of rape by a 70-year-old stepfather who had abused her throughout her childhood.” We reported on Imelda’s story in December 2018, when a judge threw the prosecution’s case out of court … Continued

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