CANADA – Perspectives among Canadian physicians on factors influencing implementation of mifepristone medical abortion: a national qualitative study

The University of British Columbia’s Contraception and Abortion Research Team worked with Canadian federal drug regulators and health professional licensing bodies from 2016-2019 to remove restrictions on mifepristone in Canada, and are in the process of publishing a range of papers about it, including this one.

CANADA – Clinic 554 considers class-action lawsuit over New Brunswick government refusal to pay for abortions

Clinic 554, the only clinic in New Brunswick that provides out-of-hospital abortion care in the province, is threatened with closure at the end of September 2020 because the provincial government refuses to pay for the abortions they provide in spite of a federal law that requires them to do so. They are therefore considering bringing a class-action lawsuit against the New Brunswick government for limiting abortion access in the province. Dr Adrian Edgar, the clinic’s … Continued

CANADA – Canada’s Abortion Caravan: Looking back at an historic reproductive rights movement

Fifty years ago this weekend, hundreds of women from across Canada arrived in Ottawa to protest an abortion law passed by Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s government in 1969. They arrived in a convoy led by a Volkswagen van with a black coffin strapped to the roof. They argued that the existing law was too restrictive, forcing women to seek unregulated abortions by unqualified practitioners that resulted in hundreds of deaths each year. It was only in … Continued

NOVA SCOTIA – MLAs from all parties voice their support for a bill to restrict anti-abortion protests

A bill aimed at restricting anti-abortion protests in Nova Scotia received wide support in the legislature in the first days of March 2020, with many members sharing emotional and heartfelt speeches in favour of a woman’s right to access reproductive health care, free from harassment or intimidation. “In my own life, this is a really resonant issue,” said NDP MLA Claudia Chender, who tabled the bill Tuesday. The Nova Scotia NDP is calling on the … Continued

CANADA/QUEBEC – Confidential report reveals negative climate for third-trimester abortions in Quebec

The Clinical Ethics Working Group of the College of Physicians of Quebec has just published a report that denounces the current state of third trimester abortion services in Canada, which it describes as “disorganized”, “discriminatory” and “unacceptable”. The report finds that doctors who provide late abortions are “stigmatized, even intimidated”. Women are rejected by hospitals, and must travel to the USA where they have to pay $10-15,000 for an abortion. Others are “forced to continue the pregnancy”, … Continued

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