MOROCCO – Action at Ministry of Health by the Moroccan Alternative Movement for Individual Freedoms (MALI)

MALI is a feminist, universalist, secularist and pro-choice movement fighting for abortion rights. MALI held a protest action in Rabat in the evening of 24 April 2019. A French web TV station was there to film it as part of the 6th episode of a video series entitled “L’IVG c’est sacré” (Abortion, it’s sacred), made by a group of young women called Clit Revolution, who come from a number of different countries. The MALI protest … Continued

MOROCCO – New abortion law reform bill tabled while six people go on trial for clandestine abortions

It has been four years since the King called for abortion law reform and more than a year since a bill was tabled in the parliament to accomplish just that. Touria Alaoui Skalli, a specialist in obstetrics & gynaecology and a member of the PPS majority party in the House of Representatives, has not given up and decided to table a bill once again. Her previous attempt was presented to the Social Affairs Committee in … Continued

LEBANON – “She started taking all sorts of over-the-counter medication….”: racism and xenophobia limit access to services in humanitarian settings

The last decade has seen a drastic increase in the number of people who are displaced or living in conflict zones, and in need of humanitarian assistance. In 2016, it was estimated that of the approximately 100 million people who received humanitarian aid, an estimated 26 million were women and girls of reproductive age. Their sexual and reproductive health and rights require urgent attention. The insecurities inherent to conflict situations, and subsequent life as a … Continued

KUWAIT – Gynaecologist smuggling abortion pills into Kuwait

Security officers at the Kuwait International Airport have arrested an unidentified female gynaecologist for attempting to smuggle into the country large quantities of medicine pills to induce abortion, reports Al- Shahed daily. According to the daily, the doctor works for a private hospital and earns a monthly salary of KD 2,000. She has admitted to selling one pill for KD 100 to Indians and Filipinas. The doctor has been referred to the authorities for further … Continued

PALESTINE – Stories from Palestine

This is a web-based publication with newly developed stories and photos of some of the clients, staff, supporters and volunteers of the Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association (PFPPA) and their work. PPPFA is an IPPF member association and grantee partner of the Safe Abortion Action Fund. They are actively advocating for a change to the law on abortion in the country, which currently only allows abortion under very restrictive circumstances and often at the … Continued

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