Abortion in Tunisia: a right that is under pressure (L’avortement, «un droit sous pression»)

Tunisia is the only Arab country to authorize the abortion without conditions up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. Even so, obtaining access to abortion services often remains complicated. “A right under pressure”, summarises an article from the Tunisian website Inkyfada.

Academic paper: Is induced abortion really declining in Armenia?

As in other post-Soviet settings, induced abortion has been widely used in Armenia. The potential for under-reporting is particularly high for sex selective abortions, for which there is growing public backlash, and medical abortion, a practice that is typically self-administered outside any professional supervision. Possible under-reporting of induced abortion calls for refinement of both abortion registration and relevant survey instruments.

Editorial: Israel must allow women to have an abortion without the need for government approval

In Israel abortion is forbidden and any doctor who performs one without the approval of a public commission is committing a crime. Legislation must be passed that would allow women to have an abortion under their own free will and by choice, without the need for government approval, at least at the early stages of a pregnancy. A bill in this regard, drawn up by women legal experts and already introduced to the Knesset, is aimed at ensuring this by permitting a woman to have an abortion until the 13th week, without the approval of a commission.

Limited grounds for abortion permitted in draft of revised penal code in Morocco

The draft reform of the Penal Code, presented on 26 May to the government, contains new provisions on abortion, which will be allowed in three cases. The first permits abortion up to 90 days of pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. The bill must still go to Parliament, be discussed in committee and then voted on in plenary, once finalised.

PALESTINE: National campaign about the risks of unsafe abortion

  (Text in Arabic below) The Palestinian Family Planning & Protection Association (PFPPA) has implemented a national campaign about the risks of unsafe abortion as part of a SAAF project “Together we stand to empower women’s right to have access to safe abortion services and information”. This campaign targeted 545 people from different ages in the project areas (Hebron and Halhoul). Through coordination and cooperation with a number of schools and community institutions in Hebron … Continued

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