ISRAEL – How a religious anti-abortion group obtained confidential information on women seeking abortions

It apparently started when a staff member at an abortion clinic contacted a religious organisation with a guilty conscience about her work. This person is alleged to have supplied the religious organisation with names and phone numbers of women who had phoned the clinic to ask about having an abortion. The story was uncovered when one woman received a phone call from someone in the organisation, who tried to talk her out of having an … Continued

No one sees the fathers: Israeli fathers’ experience of feticide

The current study aims to address this research lacuna and reveal the experience of Israeli fathers whose fetuses underwent feticide due to a severe abnormality. Seventeen interviews with men who experienced the feticide of their fetuses were carried out. The results indicate that men’s experiences in this arena are socially constructed and limited by gender roles and expectations.

Editorial: Israel must allow women to have an abortion without the need for government approval

In Israel abortion is forbidden and any doctor who performs one without the approval of a public commission is committing a crime. Legislation must be passed that would allow women to have an abortion under their own free will and by choice, without the need for government approval, at least at the early stages of a pregnancy. A bill in this regard, drawn up by women legal experts and already introduced to the Knesset, is aimed at ensuring this by permitting a woman to have an abortion until the 13th week, without the approval of a commission.

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