EGYPT – Why I collect Egyptian women’s stories of abortion

“Abortion Tales” by Ghadeer Ahmed was first published for 28 September 2017 by the Egyptian group Mada Masr. In this new article, for 28 September in 2019, Ahmed reflects on the journey of collecting women’s stories since then. She says: “I did not decide to gather these stories just to document them, or to shift public opinion on the question of abortion’s legal status in Egypt, and not even to make these women’s voices heard … Continued

EGYPT – Draft law to allow very limited abortion access

On 5 December, the Egyptian Parliament’s Health Affairs Committee will resume its discussion of the first Medical Liability draft law, presented by MP Ayman Abul Ela. This draft law clarifies under what circumstances abortion can be carried out. Abortion would be considered legal if the woman’s life is at risk because of the pregnancy or if the fetus has a disorder that makes it incompatible with life. Under this law, abortion surgery would only be … Continued

Why Egypt’s children are being dumped on the streets

  [This article was published in 2015, but little is likely to have changed… Editor] “I would rather kill myself than tell my parents that I was pregnant,” says S, 26… “It was two years ago… I have not told anyone. Not my family, not my closest friends, nor even my boyfriend. Otherwise he would have just treated me as a slut who deserves all that. We cannot talk about it; it’s such a taboo … Continued

Professor Mahmoud F Fathalla: “unarguably the greatest women’s health rights champion of the last century” at 80-something

Mahmoud F Fathalla of Egypt earned his medical degree in obstetrics and gynaecology from the University of Cairo in 1962 and his PhD from Edinburgh University in 1967. He has had a long and distinguished career, which has continued many years into his retirement. He served as the Dean of the Medical School, Assiut University, Egypt. He was the former Director of the UNDP/UNFPA/WHO/World Bank Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human … Continued

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