VENEZUELA – “Prohibido botar bebés,” it says: “Dumping babies is forbidden.”

The graphic is straightforward but shocking. That anyone would conceive the need for such a sign is heart-breaking. That it encapsulates a growing problem in Venezuela, a nation strung taut between political stalemate and economic collapse, is nothing short of devastating. Venezuelan artist Eric Meiicano told the BBC he created the campaign after a newborn was found in the trash near his Caracas apartment. “Something is becoming common which should never be considered normal,” he … Continued

VENEZUELA – This woman performed her own abortion and was lucky to survive

The number of abortions in Venezuela has grown in recent months, according to workers at family planning clinics and women’s rights advocates. Dozens of interviews with doctors, activists, and women revealed a growing abortion crisis, in which women often end up in hospitals with severe complications.

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