This seminar, organised by CLACAI (Consortio Latinoamericano contra Aborto Inseguro / Latin American Consortium against Unsafe Abortion) was attended by 106 people from 12 countries in the Latin American region. Its aim was to generate an exchange of ideas and strategies that draw on the experiences and proposals of other fields outside of sexual and reproductive rights, to open us to new approaches, initiatives and allies in the face of the discourses against gender and the onslaught against freedom of expression.

CLACAI DOCUMENTARY – Genero bajo Ataque (Gender under Attack)

This documentary portrays the way in which attacks against a twisted concept of “gender ideology” in four countries are being used to gain political power by right-wing conservative politicians supported by conservatives in the Catholic and evangelical churches.

Opinions, perceptions and practices of obstetrician-gynaecologists with respect to informing the police about patients who have had induced abortions: Lima, Peru, 2014

Under Article 30 of the Peruvian General Health Law, it is a relatively common practice to report cases of women with induced abortion who come to the emergency services for treatment of complications to the police. However, doing so jeopardises medical secrecy and the patient’s rights to privacy and confidentiality.

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