Planned Parenthood Global and a diverse coalition of local and international organisations in Latin America have re-activated the #NiñasNoMadres (“Girls, Not Mothers”) campaign to shine a light on the increased risks of sexual violence girls are facing in the context of Covid-19 lockdown policies, which is further aggravated by additional barriers to accessing essential reproductive health services. The coalition launched a social media action with strong participation across the region, along with a petition calling … Continued

URUGUAY – Bioethics and reproduction with insights from Uruguay

Since 2002, Uruguay has been one of the few countries in Latin America and the Caribbean that has achieved significant advances regarding sexual and reproductive rights by recognizing them as human rights. The passage of several laws has resulted in the implementation of programs in SRHS and legal abortion as being considered mandatory for the National Health System. The follow-up and monitoring of this process by the Observatory of Mujer y Salud en Uruguay (MYSU) has demonstrated how changes in the legal framework led to a new stage for health-care providers, politicians, and decision makers and also for the social movement that has historically advocated for this agenda, all now facing new problems and challenges—some of which are completely unexpected.

BRAZIL – Covid-19 and the wounded uterus

“The news report described her as an anonymous 31-year-old woman. The subheading read: “Case happened in Bom Jesus do Norte”. From what we know, she was the first woman to die from a clandestine abortion in Brazil during the coronavirus pandemic. She was two months pregnant, according to her husband. Twice she sought help at unsafe abortion houses. She tried a hose, potassium permanganate, syringes. She died of cardiac arrest. Why did she persist? We do not know, nor do her innermost reasons matter. It is enough to know that she was a woman determined not to be forced into maternity during the pandemic.”

MEXICO – Acting as watchdog over the State and highlighting civil society’s contribution

To address the current obstacles to Mexican women’s exercise of their rights, civil society organizations and activists have come together to create the Observatory on Gender and Covid-19. The Observatory will serve as a watchdog over the State while highlighting civil society’s contribution to a future where gender equality and justice are the new normal. The platform seeks to raise awareness on specific issues that, given the inequality that prevails in Mexico, affect various groups of … Continued

URUGUAY – Contá Conmigo

From Uruguay, we want to share our stigma-busting, storytelling project called “Contá Conmigo”.  Although abortion has largely been decriminalised in Uruguay, it continues to be highly stigmatised. This project provides a platform for people who have had abortions to tell their stories and experiences in their own words. The name of the project is a play on words that aims to convey the two main meanings of the verb “contar” in Spanish, which means to tell … Continued

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