LATIN AMERICA – Girls, Not Mothers

The Girls, Not Mothers campaign materials for 28 September 2019 speak to the theme that abortion is a health right. A general video and videos (mp4) on Ecuador, Perú, Guatemala y Nicaragua have the same message – that girls who have been sexually abused need protection, not the obstruction of their rights, and that abortion is a legal health service in most countries in Latin America and can save the lives of girls who have been abused. The … Continued

LATIN AMERICA – “Niñas no Madres”: litigation filed against Ecuador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua at UN Human Rights Committee

Women and girls in Latin America and the Caribbean are frequently forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term due to restrictive abortion laws or the lack of implementation of the current law establishing its legality. Abortion is completely illegal in Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Suriname. In Guatemala, abortion is only legal to avoid risk to a pregnant woman’s life, which is typically interpreted to mean immediate and imminent death. In Peru … Continued

LA MALA FE / NICARAGUA – La Mala Fe, información veraz, articulación regional e investigaciones rigurosas

This latest resource, developed by CLACAI (Latin American Campaign against Unsafe Abortion), is an independent news portal called La Mala Fe (which means “Bad Faith” in Spanish and refers not only to religion but also means “to trap” or “to play dirty”).


Firmar la legalización de interrupción de embarazo por violación en menores de 14 años En los últimos 10 años, 16 mil 400 niñas menores de 14 años, han dado a luz debido a embarazos productos de violación. Este problema está más cerca de lo que creemos, podría ser nuestra hija, nuestra sobrina, nuestra prima… en fin, cualquier niña de nuestra familia. Un agresor puede ser:  un padrastro, un tío, algún amigo de la familia, nuestro vecino. … Continued

A Nicaraguan teenager teaching her peers about bodily autonomy and reproductive rights

by Kat Lister 12 November 2015 Photos by Benedicte Desrus for Global Fund for Women Maria Fernanda Pineda Calero, age 16, is the teen coordinator for Women Constructors of Condega, a non-profit organization that promotes economic, political, and ideological empowerment for young women in northern Nicaragua. She leads the Born to Fly programme, which she joined at age 12, and runs workshops in this small rural community in the Esteli region. Her job consists of … Continued

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