MEXICO – Acting as watchdog over the State and highlighting civil society’s contribution

To address the current obstacles to Mexican women’s exercise of their rights, civil society organizations and activists have come together to create the Observatory on Gender and Covid-19. The Observatory will serve as a watchdog over the State while highlighting civil society’s contribution to a future where gender equality and justice are the new normal. The platform seeks to raise awareness on specific issues that, given the inequality that prevails in Mexico, affect various groups of … Continued

MEXICO – Strategies for attending to sexual and reproductive rights during the Covid-19 pandemic: lessons from Mexico for the region

A webinar (in Spanish) organised by Equidad de Genero, Ciudadania, Trabajo y Familia (Gender Equity, Citizenship, Work and Family), with the support of the Latin American & Caribbean Womens Health Network (RSMLAC).

MEXICO – Initiative for the decriminalisation of abortion rejected in Guanajuato

Representatives from the Justice and Public Health Commissions rejected the initiative on the decriminalisation of abortion in Guanajuato, declaring it inadmissible, with three votes in favour and six against. Then, in a virtual session, legislators from the Guanajuato Congress, most of them members of PAN, rejected a request to analyse the issue further, which was proposed by local representatives from the Morena party and the Revolutionary Democratic Party (PRD). In the days leading up to … Continued

MEXICO – Guidance for the prevention and mitigation of Covid-19 in care during pregnancy, delivery, the post-partum period and for the newborn

On 10 April 2020, the Ministry of Health of Mexico issued guidelines for maternal healthcare during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium as well as newborn care. These services are considered essential and safe abortion care in line with the law is included. These guidelines are focused on care for those with Covid-19 infection, confirmed or suspected. The following is a translation from Spanish of excerpts from the introduction and the section related to safe abortion … Continued

MEXICO – The Maria Fund continues to operate! Donations welcome!

The Maria Fund continues to operate with some adjustments that prioritize the care and situation of the people who ask for our support and also the team that provides it. The demand for support has increased and is more complex. The use of both e-mail and text messaging as a form of contact have increased. This is because phone calls are complicated by the lack of privacy that the majority of people now have, being … Continued

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