MEXICO – Get to know the stories of other women

From Mexico, we share with you the launch of the digital fanzine “Enciendo mi voz” (I raise my voice) through the Instagram @FocosMx account. These are five stories of women who shared their experience of abortion in Mexico through the platform Focos. Focos is an initiative of the National Alliance for the Right to Decide (Alianza Nacional por el Derecho a Decidir), which includes the following groups: Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir, Equidad de … Continued

MEXICO – Ipas Central America & Mexico video on misoprostol watched by hundreds of thousands

In 2018, Ipas Central America and Mexico (CAM) created an informational video in Spanish on how women can safely self-manage an abortion using misoprostol, which available in most pharmacies in Mexico without a prescription. Staff started using the video to train Mexican pharmacy workers so they could advise and support women seeking abortion pills.

MEXICO – Mexico Supreme Court rejects Veracruz injunction to decriminalise abortion

Veracruz state law allows abortion only in the case of rape, requires a police report of the rape, and the abortion must be within 90 days. In 2019, a judge in Xalapa, Veracruz, approved an injunction ordering the state’s Congress to remove articles 149, 150 and 154 of the local penal code. This would have decriminalised abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, allowed abortions for health reasons, and removed the time limit on … Continued

MEXICO – You’re a Doc, you’ve got this, but your face shield’s foggy

“Back then, I was getting ready to go to the Mexico City airport to travel to the annual meeting of a group of sexual and reproductive health specialists when a rumor was spreading online that the first case of Covid-19 had been documented in Mexico. It swiftly became clear that the rumor was fact. A colleague, who coordinates training for our loose and vulnerable national network of abortion providers, reported that her husband, an internist at one of Mexico’s most exclusive private hospitals, was treating that first Covid case…”

MEXICO – Acting as watchdog over the State and highlighting civil society’s contribution

To address the current obstacles to Mexican women’s exercise of their rights, civil society organizations and activists have come together to create the Observatory on Gender and Covid-19. The Observatory will serve as a watchdog over the State while highlighting civil society’s contribution to a future where gender equality and justice are the new normal. The platform seeks to raise awareness on specific issues that, given the inequality that prevails in Mexico, affect various groups of … Continued

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