HONDURAS – Encuentro 28 Septiembre 2019

Participants included: #ClaveMujerHn #MareaVerde #Matria #UNAH #PorElDerechoADecidir #Feminismo #2EncuentroEnClaveMujer @SomosMuchasHN Watch this video of the end of the meeting! +++ Panel on the Right to Decide for Freedom and Life In the session on “Accompaniment for abortion in Honduras (Acompañamiento de #aborto en #Honduras). the speakers were: Jennie Dador from Promsex, Peru; Daysi Flores @JASS_Meso, Honduras; and Karina Trujillo @gojovenhonduras, Honduras. SOURCES: @SomosMuchasHN ; #ClaveMujerHN

HONDURAS – Informal networks and groups providing life-saving information to women on unwanted pregnancy and treatment after sexual violence

Honduras has a total abortion ban, but there are an estimated 50,000 to 80,000 clandestine abortions in the country each year, according to the Center for the Rights of Women. In the absence of government action in support of women’s lives, Honduran women have formed informal networks to spread accurate information on abortion and improving post-abortion care at hospitals. In high schools and colleges, few qualified professionals talk to young women about sexuality education, prompting many … Continued

HONDURAS – Can I have a doll instead?

In a small town in The hills outside Tegucigalpa, there is a stuffed rabbit that knows a little girl’s secrets. “I tell him all my things,” she says. “About how I’m doing, and when I feel sad.” She feels sad a lot lately. “I start thinking about things that I shouldn’t be thinking,” she says. There are a lot of things she shouldn’t be thinking. She was 12 years old and just weeks away from … Continued

HONDURAS – Feature Story: Life or Death Choices for Women Living Under Abortion Ban

Honduras’ total ban on abortion in all circumstances puts women and girls in danger and violates their rights, Human Rights Watch said today, releasing a web feature on the topic. This excellent article shares moving stories of Honduran women confronting the cruel effects of the abortion law. They include a woman forced to bear her rapist’s child; a woman facing jail after having a miscarriage; women who experienced complications from clandestine abortions; a pro-choice pastor who has faced death threats for her activism; a doctor who cannot always act in her patients’ best interests; and women who share information about safe abortion in secret through an anonymous phone line.

Somos Muchas fight for changes to the penal code in Honduras

For the past two years, Honduran lawmakers have been completely overhauling the country’s Penal Code for the first time in more than three decades. Every article of the Penal Code was being changed in some way except for the one on abortion, so there was hope that this would open the possibility of a revision of the ban on abortion too. For many months now, Somos Muchas, a coalition of groups in Honduras who support safe abortion, have campaigned for the Special Commission charged with revising the Penal Code to allow abortions on grounds of rape/incest, fatal fetal anomaly, and for health reasons.

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