EL SALVADOR – Attorney General announces appeal against acquittal of Evelyn: this is torture!

The Attorney General of El Salvador announced on 6 September 2019 that he will appeal the acquittal of Evelyn, who not even realising she was pregnant, delivered a stillborn baby in early 2016 as a teenager, following rape. If the appeal is granted, it would be her third trial. This time, the prosecutor said he would ask for a 40-year sentence. She has already spent three years in jail. SOURCE: Reuters, 6 September 2019 ; … Continued

EL SALVADOR – Evelyn is free! Acquitted of all charges by the appeal court on 19 August

On 16 August, during the second day of the hearings on her case, Evelyn spoke to the court and told the judge she hoped for justice and to be able to return to her studies, and that she was innocent. At the end of the day, her legal team told the media gathered outside the courtroom that they were satisfied with what they had accomplished in demonstrating to the court that she had done nothing … Continued

EL SALVADOR: STOP PRESS – Evelyn: appeal court hearing 15 August 2019

Evelyn is one of Las17. The Court of Cojutepeque ignored the evidence of Evelyn’s innocence and sentenced her to 30 years in prison for a stillbirth even though she was a victim of rape, had not realised she was pregnant, passed out from pain and blood loss when she gave birth while on the toilet, and evidence was provided that the death was due to the baby’s aspiration of meconium, none of which is her … Continued

EL SALVADOR – El Salvador court set to hear the appeal of Evelyn Beatríz Hernández Cruz

The appeal of Evelyn Beatríz Hernández Cruz, a teenage victim of repeated rape, now aged 21, who was convicted of murder after a stillbirth and who has been in prison almost three years now, will be heard this month, her lawyers said on 10 July. Aged 17 at the time, she said she had had no idea she was pregnant, had experienced a sudden delivery with a lot of pain and loss of blood and … Continued

EL SALVADOR – Supreme Court commutes prison sentences of three more women

The Supreme Court of El Salvador has commuted the sentences of three more women from among “Las 17”, some of whom have been in prison for a decade and more, who were all prosecuted and imprisoned after suffering miscarriages, stillbirths and other obstetric emergencies. The three women, Maria del Transito Orellana, Cinthia Marcela Rodriguez, and Alba Lorena Rodriguez were met by a group of supporters, family members and in at least one case their children, … Continued

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