EL SALVADOR – Evelyn Hernández is definitively, finally acquitted

After suffering three terrible years of being in prison and being put on trial – not just once but three times – Evelyn Hernandez has finally been acquitted by Salvadoran “justice”. What had she done? She had a miscarriage as a teenager in 2016, but was initially jailed for 30 years. She was successively accused of “aggravated homicide with premeditation” and then of “homicide aggravated by negligence”. This time, the prosecutor decided not to challenge her … Continued


El Salvador has repeatedly drawn worldwide attention due to its restrictive legislation on sexual and reproductive rights. From cases such as that of Evelyn Hernández last year, initially sentenced to 30 years in prison, until today, when defamation is heaped upon health personnel who defend women’s health. Health professionals such as medical doctor Victoria Ramírez, president of the Salvadoran Medical Union for Women’s Health and Life, are attacked and harassed on social networks for taking on the defence of women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights. Conservative organisations are promoting a campaign of defamation, ignoring the contribution of her work and expertise to achieving legislative changes that will improve the reality in which the most vulnerable women in El Salvador live.

EL SALVADOR – Abortion rights activists protest threatened new abortion trial for Evelyn outside Attorney General’s office

Abortion rights activists in El Salvador threw eggs filled with confetti and sprayed red paint outside the Attorney General’s office to protest his decision to call for a third trial for Evelyn, who was recently completely acquitted after she had spent three years in prison for homicide, though she had had a stillbirth. A small group of masked women disguised as clowns ran up to the main entrance of the office and defaced it with … Continued

EL SALVADOR – Attorney General announces appeal against acquittal of Evelyn: this is torture!

The Attorney General of El Salvador announced on 6 September 2019 that he will appeal the acquittal of Evelyn, who not even realising she was pregnant, delivered a stillborn baby in early 2016 as a teenager, following rape. If the appeal is granted, it would be her third trial. This time, the prosecutor said he would ask for a 40-year sentence. She has already spent three years in jail. SOURCE: Reuters, 6 September 2019 ; … Continued

EL SALVADOR – Evelyn is free! Acquitted of all charges by the appeal court on 19 August

On 16 August, during the second day of the hearings on her case, Evelyn spoke to the court and told the judge she hoped for justice and to be able to return to her studies, and that she was innocent. At the end of the day, her legal team told the media gathered outside the courtroom that they were satisfied with what they had accomplished in demonstrating to the court that she had done nothing … Continued

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