COLOMBIA – Profamilia’s challenge (but not the only one!)

Profamilia, the national family planning association, say that one of the biggest challenges they are facing is trying to convince the national pharmaceutical regulatory body to allow mifepristone to be available to the public through pharmacies, along with misoprostol. Until now, it is only available from a clinic. This is obviously a major barrier at this time, when no one is attending their clinics. They say they know they will see an enormous increase in … Continued

COLOMBIA – Orientame, women’s health clinic in Bogotá, has started a telemedicine abortion service

Aborto legal en casa: un servicio seguro y confidencial(Legal abortion at home: a safe and confidential service) Consult directly with an expert professional No travel needed Save transportation costs Avoid the waiting room Choose the most convenient time and day for you Start your treatment without abandoning your routines and obligations Receive personalised support 24 hours a day Don’t worry, the confidentiality of your care is guaranteed. SOURCE: Orientame

COLOMBIA: STATEMENT – “Not one step back from legal, free and safe abortion in Colombia”

After the recent decision of the Constitutional Court of Colombia, it is ratified that the country can NOT go back in terms of abortion and that the three circumstances in which access to this service has been allowed since 2006, are a fundamental right that the State must guarantee. Organizations that work for the rights of women respect the decision of the Constitutional Court [to reject] the lawsuits filed to prohibit abortion in any circumstances. … Continued

STOP PRESS: COLOMBIA – Abortion access will not expand in Colombia yet, court rules

Colombia’s Constitutional Court shut down a landmark abortion case on Monday that had divided the country. The case had offered what our colleagues in the movement called an opportunity to “set a precedent for the region”. But the judges decided against taking sides. For 14 years, Colombian law has allowed for abortions under three circumstances, but few legal abortions have been provided. In the last 13 years, 300 legal complaints have been filed by women who were … Continued

COLOMBIA – Constitutional Court soon to consider further abortion law reform

In 2006, the Constitutional Court of Colombia issued a landmark ruling that decriminalised abortion when the life or health of the pregnant woman is at risk, when the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest, and when the fetus has a serious condition incompatible with life.  On 17 January 2020, an anti-abortion activist filed a petition in the Constitutional Court of Colombia calling for a blanket ban on abortion, claiming that the legal grounds for abortion … Continued

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