From Santiago to Nairobi, Tijuana and Stockholm, women in more than 200 cities worldwide have acted out a Chilean feminist performance, protesting sexual assault, victim-blaming and state violence. Created by the LasTesis feminist collective in Valparaiso, “A rapist in your path” has now been performed in more than 40 countries on every continent (except Antarctica). Uruguayan feminist, Isaura Fabra, who mapped the phenomenon, said it spread very quickly, involving thousands of women. It is an indictment of the perpetuation of rape culture by the state and society.


In September 2017, when the government of Michelle Bachelet passed the abortion bill, it was clear to everyone involved in what was a difficult process that there was a long road ahead for achieving our goals. At the same time, the gains were important as regards showing some respect for women’s lives and human rights. At the same time, APROFA, the Chilean Association for the Protection of the Family, took a decision to apply for … Continued

CHILE – Demonstration on 28 September in front of the Moneda Palace

Picture caption: “Here also we decide for ourselves” We unite our voices for free, legal abortion tomorrow at 12pm in front of the Moneda Palace, Santiago (Nos unimos a las voces por #UnGritoGlobal por el #AbortoLibreyLegal mañana a las 12 horas frente a La Moneda)  SOURCE: #HartasMujeres 28 Septiembre

CHILE – CEDAW Protocol passed by the Senate but the Government Minister rejects clauses on abortion 

Eighteen years after CEDAW was first ratified, the Foreign Relations Commission of the Chilean Senate (that apparently consists of 6 men and 1 woman) unanimously approved the CEDAW Convention on gender equality, except that the Foreign Minister excepted Articles 8 and 9 on abortion. SOURCE: El Mostrador, 7 August 2019

CHILE – Chilean feminist organisations called for a demonstration against racism and for free, safe, and legal abortion

Feminist organisations in Chile called an anti-racist march for free and legal abortions for 25 July 2019 in celebration of the International Day of Black Latin American and Caribbean Women, as a joint effort to raise all voices against attacks suffered by migrant women and women with African roots in Chile. Hashtag: #AbortamosRacismo “This year we were able to sit down and talk with Afro-Caribbean organizations, which are present in our country, to say that … Continued

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