BRAZIL – Covid-19 and the wounded uterus

“The news report described her as an anonymous 31-year-old woman. The subheading read: “Case happened in Bom Jesus do Norte”. From what we know, she was the first woman to die from a clandestine abortion in Brazil during the coronavirus pandemic. She was two months pregnant, according to her husband. Twice she sought help at unsafe abortion houses. She tried a hose, potassium permanganate, syringes. She died of cardiac arrest. Why did she persist? We do not know, nor do her innermost reasons matter. It is enough to know that she was a woman determined not to be forced into maternity during the pandemic.”

BRAZIL – Position statement in defence of sexual and reproductive healthcare actions during the Covid-19 pandemic and repudiation to the withdrawal of the Technical Note No.16/2020

Global Doctors for Choice/Brazil is connected to an international network of doctors in more than 25 countries around the world who are committed to defending human rights and providing high quality evidence-based healthcare services. By defending evidence-based public policies and medical practices, we have been making efforts to protect and expand access to ample reproductive health care for women and girls. We would like to express our deep disagreement on the withdrawal of the Technical Note No.16/2020 by the Brazilian Ministry of Health. We are also seriously concerned at the possibility of suspension of sexual and reproductive healthcare services in Brazil due to contingency measures in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

BRAZIL – Interim Minister of Health dismisses two civil servants for expressing support for women’s sexual and reproductive health

On 5 June 2020, the Interim Minister of Health, General Eduardo Pazuello, dismissed Flávia Andrade Nunes Fialho, Coordinator of Women’s Health, and Danilo Campos da Luz e Silva, Coordinator of Men’s Health, civil servants in the Ministry of Health who signed a technical note supporting access to sexual and reproductive health for women during the pandemic, thus complying with international standards on essential care. Both had been working in the Secretariat for Primary Health Care. … Continued

BRAZIL – ‘For the lives of our mothers’: a call to support paid leave for domestic workers during Covid-19

Brazil has over 7 million domestic workers. Women like 57-year-old Caterina make four-hour roundtrip bus rides every weekday from a working-class area outside Rio de Janeiro to the city’s well-off South Zone to do domestic work. When Covid-19 arrived, her daughter begged her to stay home. Millions of domestic workers were told to keep working or be laid off without pay, however. Now their families are fighting back. Caterina’s daughter França rallied the sons and daughters of other maids to launch the campaign “For the lives of our mothers”, with a manifesto calling for guaranteed protection for the health and jobs of the country’s domestic workers during the pandemic.

BRAZIL SOLIDARITY LETTER – In defence of Jacqueline Pitanguy

On 3 December 2019, Brazilian sociologist Jacqueline Pitanguy became the target of a serious accusation by the Brazilian Minister of Family Women and Human Rights, Damares Alves, who in a post published on her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages claimed: “Pitanguy defends the killing of babies.” This attack arose from an interview with Jacqueline in the magazine Marie Claire, published on 20 September 2019, in which she stated: “When you define religious beliefs as public … Continued

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