CANNES FILM FESTIVAL – Cannes’s Argentine abortion doc had audience in tears before it started

Here are photos on the red carpet outside and inside at the Cannes Film Festival, of members of Argentina’s abortion rights movement, who were there for the film to compete for an award as a documentary. Here is a report of the afternoon the film was shown. REPORT: Vulture, by Rachel Handler, 18 May 2019 Télérama, 19 May 2019

JOAN B DUNLOP AWARD – IWHC honours Marta Alanis, Founder, Catholics for the Right to Decide – Argentina

IWHC writes: We were proud to honor activist Marta Alanis at IWHC’s 2019 Annual Dinner last week. There, we shared Marta’s story, and as she took the stage the audience erupted in our version of the green wave for women’s rights! Marta Alanis is Catholic and feminist. 25 years ago, she founded Catholics for the Right to Decide (CDD) in Argentina. Marta spent five years in exile, during the dictatorship in Argentina. During this formative … Continued

ARGENTINA- Constitutional dialogues and abortion law reform in Argentina: what’s next?

In 2018, constitutional dialogue about abortion spread outwards from the agenda of a growing but not massive number of feminist groups; professionalized NGOs; networks of teachers, social workers, journalists, health providers and lawyers. The debate finally reached the most popular TV shows and every media outlet, the tables of millions of households, and the national Congress.

LATIN AMERICA – Muerte o Carcel: Persecución y Sanción por Aborto

This publication looks at cases in six countries in the region – Argentina, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic and Mexico – where pregnancy may just as well have been the result of forced sex or when abortion was spontaneous, not induced. In these countries it is not just women, girls and adolescents who are prosecuted but also providers of services. The publication aims to serve as a guide to activists and defenders of sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America and provide juridical arguments for responding to criminal prosecutions.

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