ARGENTINA – In Tucumán, we are prosecuted and criminalised for abortion

The Fundaçion Mujeres X Mujeres are in the process of making a documentary series of six videos so as to make the criminalisation of abortion visible in Tucumán, Argentina. So far, they have released three of the videos. The videos are in Spanish with Spanish subtitles only. Here is a short summary in English: 1) The Case of Belén: this is about the criminalisation of a young woman called Belén and the struggle she went … Continued

ARGENTINA – Government confirms abortion bill delayed, probably until 2021

On 1 March 2020, the President of Argentina since December 2019, Alberto Fernández, had promised to table a bill “in the next ten days”. He had also described abortion as “a matter of public health”, acknowledged the detrimental effects on girls’ and women’s health under the current limited law, and said “Abortion happens, it’s a fact… A state should protect citizens in general and women in particular. And in the 21st century, every society needs … Continued

ARGENTINA – Honour your promise: table a bill to legalise abortion in 2020

The abortion rights movement held a national action day on 8 August to call on President Alberto Fernandez to honour his promise in March to table a bill in the Congress to legalise abortion. The streets of several large Argentinian cities were covered with the slogan “Legal abortion 2020”. The same day, feminist activists mobilised on social networks by posting photographs of past actions and demonstrations, using the Campaign slogans: “Sera ley” (“It will become legal”). See for example … Continued


In 2018, Argentina underwent a historical debate on the right to abortion. Over a period of three months, 845 speakers both for and against legalization expressed their opinions and presented their knowledge at the committees’ plenary sessions of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate, and 235 legislators expressed their conclusions during the voting sessions in those Chambers. Despite the Senate’s rejection of the Bill, over a year after the debate the social interest and mobilization that resulted still persist. However, together with the “green wave” and the social decriminalization of abortion, some conservative and even reactionary demands and anti-choice movements appeared and gained visibility both in Argentina and throughout the region.

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