BRAZIL – The case of the girl from Espirito Santo: Is this a new turning point in the long journey for abortion rights in Brazil?

On 19 August 2020, we published a report of the case of a ten-year-old girl who had to travel halfway across Brazil to have a legal abortion and how the anti-abortion movement acted to try and prevent that abortion and how the forces of justice and supportive health professionals made sure the abortion took place and she got home safely. This week, Sonia Corrêa published a comprehensive report of what happened, and added new information … Continued

BRAZIL – Government imposes new restrictions on abortion for rape victims

Brazil allows abortion only in cases of rape, danger to the woman’s life or anencephaly. Two weeks after anti-abortion activists surrounded a hospital to try to stop a 10-year-old girl, who had been sexually abused for four years, from legally terminating a pregnancy resulting from the abuse, new regulations for rape victims seeking an abortion were published in the official gazette by the interim health minister, Eduardo Pazuello, an active-duty army general. The new regulations … Continued

ECUADOR – First ruling by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights on state responsibility for sexual abuse of adolescents and death of a student in Ecuador

From 2001 to 2002, Paola del Rosario Guzmán Albarracín, a student at a public high school in Guayaquil, Ecuador, was sexually harassed and seduced by the vice-principal, after having requested his help to improve her declining academic performance. When she appeared to be pregnant, the vice-principal urged her to terminate the pregnancy and requested the school doctor to provide an abortion. The physician agreed to carry out the procedure, but expected Paola to have sexual … Continued

ECUADOR – Monitoring sexual and reproductive health services during Covid-19: A report

The survey took place online in the 44 days between 17 July and 30 August 2020 during the pandemic in Ecuador. Information was gathered from a diverse group of women, including adolescents, trans and non-binary persons, who from 11 March 2020 tried to access sexual and reproductive health services in Ecuador. There were 512 responses received from 23 provinces. There was no responses received only from the province of Pastaza.

ARGENTINA – In Tucumán, we are prosecuted and criminalised for abortion

The Fundaçion Mujeres X Mujeres are in the process of making a documentary series of six videos so as to make the criminalisation of abortion visible in Tucumán, Argentina. So far, they have released three of the videos. The videos are in Spanish with Spanish subtitles only. Here is a short summary in English: 1) The Case of Belén: this is about the criminalisation of a young woman called Belén and the struggle she went … Continued

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