SELF-MANAGED ABORTION – Self-management of medical abortion: a qualitative evidence synthesis

Medical abortion is a method of pregnancy termination that by its nature enables more active involvement of women in the process of managing, and sometimes even administering the medications for, their abortions. This qualitative evidence synthesis reviewed the global evidence on experiences with, preferences for, and concerns about greater self-management of medical abortion with lesser health professional involvement. We focused on qualitative research from multiple perspectives on women’s experiences of self-management of first trimester medical abortion (< 12 weeks gestation).

TELEMEDICINE – Telemedicine for developing countries: a survey and some design issues

Developing countries need telemedicine applications that help in many situations, when physicians are a small number with respect to the population, when specialized physicians are not available, and when patients and physicians in rural villages need assistance in the delivery of health care. Moreover, the requirements of telemedicine applications for developing countries are somewhat more demanding than for developed countries. Indeed, further social, organizational, and technical aspects need to be considered for successful telemedicine applications in developing countries.

INTERNATIONAL SAFE ABORTION DAY, 28 September 2020: 4th Call to Action

This year’s International Safe Abortion Day is about challenging the barriers women face in both health systems and law and policy when they seek a safe abortion. This year’s theme pushes the envelope. Abortion methods have been greatly simplified since most abortion laws were framed, yet abortions are still taking place in unnecessarily regimented and over-medicalised conditions. It’s time to leave all that behind.

Telemedicine and self-managed abortion: a discussion paper

This discussion paper provides a history of how the use of telemedicine and self-managed abortion with abortion pills at home have developed. For International Safe Abortion Day, 28 September 2020, in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion (ICWRSA) is promoting the use of telemedicine to arrange and follow-up an abortion and to support women’s right to have an abortion at home in the first trimester of pregnancy with medical abortion pills if she so chooses.

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