ACCOUNTABILITY & POWER – When accountability meets power: realizing sexual and reproductive health and rights

This paper addresses a critical concern in realizing sexual and reproductive health and rights through policies and programs – the relationship between power and accountability. We examine accountability strategies for sexual and reproductive health and rights through the lens of power so that we might better understand and assess their actual working. Power often derives from deep structural inequalities, but also seeps into norms and beliefs, into what we ‘know’ as truth, and what we believe about the world and about ourselves within it. Power legitimizes hierarchy and authority, and manufactures consent. Its capillary action causes it to spread into every corner and social extremity, but also sets up the possibility of challenge and contestation.

COVID-19 IN THE AIR – Is Covid-19 airborne? Questions abound – but here’s what we know

Ars Technica, by Beth Mole, 9 July 2020 “A debate has erupted among researchers over the potential for the pandemic coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, to spread through the air and – if it does so often enough – what to do about it. “Though talk of airborne transmission has been simmering since the beginning of the pandemic, it reached a boiling point this week following a letter penned by two researchers and addressed to “national and international … Continued

WHO & COVID-19 – The Health Transformation Army: the history of the World Health Organization

This is a brilliant piece of journalism about the World Health Organization and its dealings with its members, especially the USA and China, over Covid-19. It opens by describing what happened at the World Health Assembly in May 2020, when the USA accused China of infecting the whole world and accused WHO of siding with them, which the US claimed later led to them withdrawing their support and dollars.

IPPF – Medical Abortion Commodities Database

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing global supply chain disruption, many providers of safe abortion care are finding themselves needing to seek alternate solutions to procuring medical abortion commodities. It is vital that quality is not compromised during this crisis and that medical abortion is provided using quality drugs and accurate information.  IPPF remains committed to ensuring access to information on the availability of quality medical abortion. Our Medical Abortion Commodities Database ( contains information on … Continued

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