SLOVENIA – Abortion is being treated as essential healthcare

Reports indicate that abortion care is being treated as essential healthcare in Slovenia and that women are able to access timely care during the pandemic as an emergency service, despite restrictions due to the pandemic. According to the public relations representative of the University Medical Center Ljubljana, gynaecological procedures are going smoothly. According to Dr Barbara Mihevc Ponikvar, patients who want to terminate a pregnancy can also turn to their gynaecologist or a gynaecologist who replaces them. They … Continued

EUROPE – Freedom of conscience in Europe? An analysis of three cases of midwives with conscientious objection to abortion

While abortion has been legal in most developed countries for many years, the topic remains controversial. A major area of controversy concerns women’s rights vis-a-vis the right of health professionals to opt out of providing the service on conscience grounds. Although scholars from various disciplines have addressed this issue in the literature, there is a lack of empirical research on the topic. This paper provides a documentary analysis of three examples of conscientious objection on religious grounds to performing abortion-related care by midwives in different Member States of the European Union, two of which have resulted in legal action.

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