SLOVAKIA – 136 parliamentarians call on Slovakia not to pass the tabled anti-abortion bill

The European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual & Reproductive Rights reports that in the past week, 136 parliamentarians from 27 countries across Europe, including 53 Members of the European Parliament, signed a letter voicing deep concern over recent attempts in the Slovakian Parliament to tighten the current abortion law.  The letter, dated 9 September 2020, urged the National Council’s ruling coalition to respect the fundamental rights of all Slovakians to make autonomous decisions about their own bodies and reproductive … Continued

SLOVAKIA – Protests and letters against further attempts to pass an anti-abortion bill

Abortions in Slovakia is currently legal on request until the 12th week of pregnancy. The latest opinion polls show that only a minority of the Slovak population would be in favour of stricter abortion regulations. Despite that, six anti-abortion bills were tabled in 2019, none of which was passed, and since the election of the largest Christian-conservative majority in years, there are now another several bills being looked at by the parliament. Thus, there are … Continued

SLOVAKIA – New law restricting abortion passes its first reading

On 13 July 2020, a journalist from Balkan Insight wrote: “An economic crisis looms and the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing – but the most pressing issue on the minds of many Slovak lawmakers is limiting women’s reproductive rights. Public debate on this issue has polarised society and triggered outrage among women’s rights activists in the past few weeks. Both the activists and most experts say that Slovakia already has a low abortion rate, and note … Continued

SLOVAKIA – Parliament set to discuss four punitive anti-abortion bills

In a new session that will run from 7-17 July, the Slovak Parliament will consider four new bills restricting access to abortion and vote whether each of them will move to a second reading, probably in September. The first bill, proposed by the majority parliamentary party, is thought to be most likely to be moved to a second reading. It proposes to change the mandatory waiting period between a request for an abortion and the … Continued

NORTH MACEDONIA – Investigation of death of pregnant Romani woman denied care for days during labour

The European Roma Rights Centre  reported that a 37-year-old Romani woman, who lived in poor conditions with her husband and two children, aged three and six, died on 31 March in Skopje after being transported by ambulance to the hospital from Ohrid, in the west of the country. Her waters had broken days before, and she had been waiting for doctors to accept her at the gynaecological clinic in Ohrid to deliver. She went to the … Continued

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