SLOVAKIA – Parliament set to discuss four punitive anti-abortion bills

In a new session that will run from 7-17 July, the Slovak Parliament will consider four new bills restricting access to abortion and vote whether each of them will move to a second reading, probably in September. The first bill, proposed by the majority parliamentary party, is thought to be most likely to be moved to a second reading. It proposes to change the mandatory waiting period between a request for an abortion and the … Continued

NORTH MACEDONIA – Investigation of death of pregnant Romani woman denied care for days during labour

The European Roma Rights Centre  reported that a 37-year-old Romani woman, who lived in poor conditions with her husband and two children, aged three and six, died on 31 March in Skopje after being transported by ambulance to the hospital from Ohrid, in the west of the country. Her waters had broken days before, and she had been waiting for doctors to accept her at the gynaecological clinic in Ohrid to deliver. She went to the … Continued

SLOVAKIA – Public Defender of Rights challenges Health Minister’s call for refusal of abortions

The Public Defender of Rights, Mária Patakyová has called on the Slovak Minister of Health to guarantee access to safe and timely abortion care following reports that many hospitals in the country are no longer providing legal abortions during the pandemic. “I consider it necessary to emphasize that the Covid-19 pandemic should not be used as an excuse to unduly interfere with women’s sexual and reproductive rights”, she said. According to a spokeswoman for the … Continued

SLOVAKIA – Sixth attempt to restrict abortion law this year fails

On 5 December 2019, the Slovak parliament rejected the draft bill on abortion that would have forced women seeking abortion to have an ultrasound scan, see images of the embryo or fetus from the scan, and listen to the heartbeat. The aim was to shame them so that they would not have an abortion after all. See our report from 20 November for background. Ten days ago, more than 30 Slovak health and rights organisations … Continued

SLOVAKIA – Punitive abortion regulations tabled in parliament

The Slovak Parliament has just tabled a bill whose intention is to complicate access to abortion, in the wake of a widely reported anti-abortion march in the country in late September 2019, which attracted 50,000 marchers. Amnesty International reports: “Women and girls who need an abortion will now be forced to have an ultrasound scan, see images of the embryo or fetus from the scan, and listen to the heartbeat of the fetus. If passed, this bill risks … Continued

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