ROMANIA – Attempts to outlaw ‘gender’ as an ideological invention and again restrict sexuality education

Vying with Poland and Hungary, the Romanian Parliament passed an amendment to the National Education Law seeking to prohibit information on gender identity in schools, universities and other educational spaces. The amendment positions gender as an ideological invention and bans “theories and opinions on gender where it is a separate concept from biological sex”. The amendment would ban teachers, school counsellors, academics, doctors, social workers and non-governmental organisations from discussing topics related to gender, gender … Continued

ROMANIA – At least a small improvement, one hospital more is doing abortions

In the early part of April, a group of Romanian pro-choice advocates discovered that many services for abortions on request and other ob-gyn services had been suspended in the country after a Ministry of the Interior order, due to Covid-19. On 15 April, they wrote to the Romanian Ministry of Health (MOH), calling for abortions, breastfeeding by mothers and antenatal care to be re-instated nationally as part of essential health care. On 27 April, the … Continued

ROMANIA – There were problems in quiet times but now…

There were problems with reproductive health services for women during quiet and more peaceful times, but during this pandemic, things have seriously worsened. In the past week, a group of 18 women’s rights NGOs and independent activists alerted the Ministry of Heath, the Institute of Public Health and the World Health Organization Office for Romania of their opposition to the following Covid-19 related policies: suspension of all on-request pregnancy terminations, drastic decrease in pregnant women’s … Continued

ROMANIA – Over 30% of hospitals in Romania refusing to provide legal abortions

An article in the publication The Black Sea opens with the story of a young woman who sought an abortion at one the largest regional public hospitals with a gynaecology department. “I asked if they could do a medical abortion there. The doctor said they could not “perform abortions”, that the entire hospital refuses to carry out terminations, or provide medical abortion pills. The doctor recommended a private clinic. The young woman persisted in asking … Continued

Romania: Sex-Ed Campaign – September 26th and 28th celebrations

Romanian ASTRA Network member Daniela Draghici of the Society for Feminist Analyses (AnA) organized and coordinated events for World Contraception Day, September 26, and International Safe Abortion Day, September 28, under the “SEXed Talk” Campaign, in partnership with the Society for Education in Contraception and Sexuality, Astra Youth, Youth for Youth Foundation, Romanian Anti-AIDS Foundation, Midwives’ Association and Marie Stopes International Foundation Romania.

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