ROMANIA – Over 30% of hospitals in Romania refusing to provide legal abortions

An article in the publication The Black Sea opens with the story of a young woman who sought an abortion at one the largest regional public hospitals with a gynaecology department. “I asked if they could do a medical abortion there. The doctor said they could not “perform abortions”, that the entire hospital refuses to carry out terminations, or provide medical abortion pills. The doctor recommended a private clinic. The young woman persisted in asking … Continued

Romania: Sex-Ed Campaign – September 26th and 28th celebrations

Romanian ASTRA Network member Daniela Draghici of the Society for Feminist Analyses (AnA) organized and coordinated events for World Contraception Day, September 26, and International Safe Abortion Day, September 28, under the “SEXed Talk” Campaign, in partnership with the Society for Education in Contraception and Sexuality, Astra Youth, Youth for Youth Foundation, Romanian Anti-AIDS Foundation, Midwives’ Association and Marie Stopes International Foundation Romania.

ROMANIA: Campaign for sexual and reproductive rights for young people

On 28 September 2015, to support international efforts for the decriminalization of abortion, the Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender (ALEG) and other Romanian women’s rights NGOs organized a large scale public campaign demanding comprehensive and inclusive sexual and reproductive rights for young people living in Romania. The campaign included an open letter sent out to relevant authorities demanding that all young people should have access to comprehensive sexuality education in schools. The letter … Continued

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