POLAND – The government has nothing better to do than dig up bills it couldn’t pass till now

The Polish Parliament is taking advantage of the lockdown to try once again to pass its “Stop Abortion” bill on 15-16 April, to criminalise the few remaining legal abortions left in the country, as well as pass the so-called “Stop Paedophilia” bill to criminalise sexuality education and make it illegal for medical professionals to prescribe contraceptives for under-18s. They chose a moment when “the free movement of persons and freedom of assembly are gravely limited on public health grounds, so that protests against the bills cannot happen on the streets”, reports the Federation for Women and Family Planning. Both bills were first tabled in 2017; widespread protest prevented their passage then. Now they’ve been taken out of the freezer.

POLAND – Polish anti-LGBT zones growing in power

In recent months, around 93 local councils in around 14 districts in Poland have adopted anti-LGBTI statements or resolutions. These resolutions are incompatible with the Polish Constitution and basic standards in the international human rights law that Poland has undertaken to respect. The language is scandalous: the resolutions speak of “stopping gender and LGBT ideology”, “aggressive homosexual propaganda”, “stopping homo-terror and sexualisation of social life”. These resolutions drive fear, contempt and hate towards LGBTI persons. … Continued

POLAND – Abortion without Borders now provide information, practical support and funding

This new initiative launched on 12 December 2019 aims to help anyone in Poland who contacts them to access a safe abortion, either in Poland or abroad. The group is the result of collaboration between activist groups in four countries. Anyone who wants information about abortion can contact Kobiety W Sieci (Poland), who have more than 13 years of experience providing pregnancy options counselling, including unbiased, factual information about abortion. Any caller who wishes to … Continued


1. POLAND: STOP PRESS Please sign the petition by Polish Women’s Strike opposing the presence of Polish religious extremists at the ICPD25 Summit in Nairobi We, Polish women, who have been fighting in the black protests in 150 cities in Poland against the religious fundamentalist’s total ban on abortion in 2016 and 2018, urge you not to trust those who approach you with “Christian values” or “family rights”. We want you to know that the foundation Ordo … Continued

POLAND – Bill to ban sex education and criminalise “promotion of underage sexual activity” sent to a commission for further work

The bill was introduced after a six-month right-wing campaign equating LGBTI people with paedophiles. PiS
officials have called LGBTI rights an invasive foreign influence as part of a culture and civilisation war that
threatens Poland’s national identity. Hundreds of people joining protest rallies outside the Sejm and across the country. The bill was due to go to the Senate on 18 October, had it passed. Instead, it was sent to a commission for further work. As PiS no longer has a majority in the upper house, the bill may be dead.

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