POLAND – Criminalisation of doctors for illegal abortion “hidden” in Covid-19 plan for the economy

On the 23rd of June, sitting uncomfortably within Shield 4.0, the fourth package of “pandemic-related measures”, which was supposed to help the economy, were changes to the Polish Penal Code, added almost secretly. They include, for example, that up to eight-year prison sentences would be applied to those who provide abortions outside the limits of Poland’s already highly restrictive law. Other changes include penalties for offending the President, new crimes involving theft, and involuntary medical … Continued

POLAND – Group Abortion Speak Out: An Abortion Manifesto

We want everyone to see us – we are here, we are real and abortion is one of our experiences. This Manifesto is a result of work of all people who responded to our call on social media. Abortion is happening. Our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers had abortions. We have them too. For various reasons. We don’t want to explain them. We terminate pregnancies because it’s our lives, our bodies and wombs, and above all … Continued


On 14 April, in lockdown conditions, Poles took to social media and their cars – to oppose the proposals in the Parliament to ban legal abortions and sex education for under-18s. They blocked one of the main roundabouts with their cars. They honked their horns, held up signs in their car windows, and called for people to protest from their balconies, in shopping queues and by putting posters in their windows. The police used loudspeakers … Continued

POLAND: STOP PRESS! – Women in Poland stopped it again!! Hooray!!!!

The anti-abortion and anti-sexuality education bills were not rejected by the Polish parliament, more than half the MPs voted against rejecting them. But, as in 2017, they were not formally tabled or debated either – instead, both will be forwarded to governmental committees for “further work”. As in 2017, this means that there is still a chance of them being introduced, but any decision whether to do so was postponed indefinitely. SOURCE: E-mail, Astra Network, … Continued

POLAND – The government has nothing better to do than dig up bills it couldn’t pass till now

The Polish Parliament is taking advantage of the lockdown to try once again to pass its “Stop Abortion” bill on 15-16 April, to criminalise the few remaining legal abortions left in the country, as well as pass the so-called “Stop Paedophilia” bill to criminalise sexuality education and make it illegal for medical professionals to prescribe contraceptives for under-18s. They chose a moment when “the free movement of persons and freedom of assembly are gravely limited on public health grounds, so that protests against the bills cannot happen on the streets”, reports the Federation for Women and Family Planning. Both bills were first tabled in 2017; widespread protest prevented their passage then. Now they’ve been taken out of the freezer.

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