ROMANIA – At least a small improvement, one hospital more is doing abortions

In the early part of April, a group of Romanian pro-choice advocates discovered that many services for abortions on request and other ob-gyn services had been suspended in the country after a Ministry of the Interior order, due to Covid-19. On 15 April, they wrote to the Romanian Ministry of Health (MOH), calling for abortions, breastfeeding by mothers and antenatal care to be re-instated nationally as part of essential health care. On 27 April, the … Continued

POLAND – Group Abortion Speak Out: An Abortion Manifesto

We want everyone to see us – we are here, we are real and abortion is one of our experiences. This Manifesto is a result of work of all people who responded to our call on social media. Abortion is happening. Our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers had abortions. We have them too. For various reasons. We don’t want to explain them. We terminate pregnancies because it’s our lives, our bodies and wombs, and above all … Continued

SLOVENIA – Abortion is being treated as essential healthcare

Reports indicate that abortion care is being treated as essential healthcare in Slovenia and that women are able to access timely care during the pandemic as an emergency service, despite restrictions due to the pandemic. According to the public relations representative of the University Medical Center Ljubljana, gynaecological procedures are going smoothly. According to Dr Barbara Mihevc Ponikvar, patients who want to terminate a pregnancy can also turn to their gynaecologist or a gynaecologist who replaces them. They … Continued


IMAGE SOURCE: AUSTRIA Corona crisis creates new obstacles to abortion There are reports that only five hospitals in Austria are providing abortion care in the context of the pandemic and that women are facing challenges in accessing abortion and contraception services. There have been calls on the government to waive prescription requirements for contraception and to cover the costs of contraception and abortion care at least until the end of the year. The Gynmed Clinic … Continued

NORTH MACEDONIA – Investigation of death of pregnant Romani woman denied care for days during labour

The European Roma Rights Centre  reported that a 37-year-old Romani woman, who lived in poor conditions with her husband and two children, aged three and six, died on 31 March in Skopje after being transported by ambulance to the hospital from Ohrid, in the west of the country. Her waters had broken days before, and she had been waiting for doctors to accept her at the gynaecological clinic in Ohrid to deliver. She went to the … Continued

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