POLAND – Bill to ban sex education and criminalise “promotion of underage sexual activity” sent to a commission for further work

The bill was introduced after a six-month right-wing campaign equating LGBTI people with paedophiles. PiS
officials have called LGBTI rights an invasive foreign influence as part of a culture and civilisation war that
threatens Poland’s national identity. Hundreds of people joining protest rallies outside the Sejm and across the country. The bill was due to go to the Senate on 18 October, had it passed. Instead, it was sent to a commission for further work. As PiS no longer has a majority in the upper house, the bill may be dead.

EASTERN EUROPE / CENTRAL ASIA – National Abortion Protocols in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Just under a year ago, a group of sexual and reproductive health experts from 12 Eastern European and Central Asian countries together launched the Regional Reproductive Health and Rights Coalition. As part of the aforementioned project, six Coalition member countries committed themselves to conducting a thorough review of existing national abortion protocols, including monitoring and evaluation plans, and revising their contents to be better aligned with the latest WHO recommendations.

MACEDONIA – HERA – Health Education and Research Association

HERA – Health Education and Research Association, Skopje, North Macedonia, regularly supports International Safe Abortion Day, and joined the Global Day for Action this year also. On September 28th, HERA organized a public documentary screening and opened a discussion among the attendees on the topic of safe and legal abortion, aiming at the global picture and bringing it down to the local level, along with current challenges. They sent out a press release and conducted … Continued

POLAND – Photo Exhibition: “Abortion in Poland – 21st century”

Federacja na rzecz Kobiet i Planowania Rodziny | Federation for Women and Family Planning hosted a photo exhibition following a contest on the topic “Abortion in Poland – 21st century”. They announced winners of the photo contest, displayed several pictures and presented a photo album with text providing insights into the complexity of abortion issues in Poland. Here is the Facebook event. Also presented was a joint statement with others at the 42nd session of the Human … Continued

POLAND – Poland’s second March for Choice

“Abortion – safe, free, legal and, above all, actually available whenever it is needed, regardless of the reason a person has for deciding not to continue a pregnancy.” “No shame, no fear” …with such slogans around 1,000 marched in Warsaw for the second time on 28 September. The discussion about abortion has been going on for many years and nothing comes from it, but the reality is that every day many of us terminate pregnancies. … Continued

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