MACEDONIA – HERA – Health Education and Research Association

HERA – Health Education and Research Association, Skopje, North Macedonia, regularly supports International Safe Abortion Day, and joined the Global Day for Action this year also. On September 28th, HERA organized a public documentary screening and opened a discussion among the attendees on the topic of safe and legal abortion, aiming at the global picture and bringing it down to the local level, along with current challenges. They sent out a press release and conducted … Continued

MACEDONIA – Parliament has passed new abortion legislation: report from HERA

On 14 March 2019, the Macedonian Parliament adopted new abortion legislation which fully respects women’s rights and choice for pregnancy termination. HERA (Health Education and Research Association) and other civil society organisations (CSOs) were members of the Ministry of Health working group for drafting the new law. Some 90% of the clauses proposed by CSOs were included in the final text, meaning this law is indeed a great win for all women and women/gender organisations … Continued

NORTH MACEDONIA – New draft law on abortion adopted by the Government of North Macedonia

The Government of the Republic of North Macedonia announced that the new Draft Law on Abortion has been adopted and that it will be submitted to the Parliament. H.E.R.A. – Health Education and Research Association, together with 21 CSOs as part of the Platform of Gender Equality welcomed the adoption of the new draft law, in the drafting of which their representatives participated.  The existing law prevents women from receiving abortion services on time, often … Continued

MACEDONIA – Macedonia to revise restrictive abortion law

The recently appointed Health Minister of Macedonia, Venko Filipce, announced in March 2018 that he is working to change the country’s restrictive law on abortion and will soon submit his proposals to parliament. The intention is the improvement of the protection of women’s health as a priority. The current law was adopted in 2013 and sparked widespread criticism from women’s and human rights activists. This is only one among many planned reforms that the country … Continued

MACEDONIA: H.E.R.A. celebrates September 28 in Macedonia

  This year, the Global Day for Safe and Legal Abortion, was also marked in the Republic of Macedonia. Having resisting and persisting ever since 2013 when the restricting Law on Termination of Pregnancy was adopted, the Gender Equality Platform and HERA – Health Education and Research Education, joined once again the 28 September Global Campaign. An Experts’ debate and consultation for the changes in the abortion law “Abortion is not safe as long as … Continued

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