It seems there is a new high-level forum where anti-choice ideas are circulating, created by Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán – see the Budapest Demographic Summit which took place the first week of September. It attracted very high-level representation from Eastern Europe and beyond (i.e. representatives of the US and Brazilian governments, Africa and Asia) as well as many well-known anti-choice personalities.

HUNGARY – Birthrate, family and country: Viktor Orban wants women back in the home

When it comes to power, what does the far right do to women? In Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s racist, nationalist, extremist discourse goes hand in hand with the desire to keep women pregnant. “…the role of women as individuals is slowly disappearing from public policies and being replaced by ‘the family’,” warns Andrea Pető, professor at the Central European University of Budapest. Last year, the government declared that 2018 would be the “year of families”. And, in February 2019, the government announced a series of pro-natalist measures.

Funding offered for renovating two Hungarian hospitals if they do not do abortions

  A representative of the Prime Minister of Hungary has announced that the government gave funding to two hospitals for renovations, the Béthesda Hospital and the Hospital of the Brothers of Buda, totalling 7.8 billion forint, in exchange for an agreement that physicians in the hospitals would no longer provide abortion services. Thus, the renovation of the maternity wards and gynaecology services in the two hospitals was made possible because both hospitals collaborated in this … Continued

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