CROATIA – Former President gives “the finger” to anti-abortion politicians

Croatia´s only female president to date, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, who served from 2015 until February 2020, became the latest woman to give the finger to several conservative politicians on 19 June for their anti-abortion statements while campaigning for July´s parliamentary elections. Many Croatian actresses, journalists and other female public figures have taken part in the campaign, which has seen lots of women posting pictures of themselves on social media, symbolically raising their middle fingers. “I join … Continued


The combination of anti-abortion views, religious fanaticism, populism and right-wing politics is a dangerous cocktail. But that is what has been emerging in recent years as the underpinnings of contemporary anti-abortion movements in different parts of the world, with the added danger that they are connecting internationally. Here are four recent reports from Croatia, Latin America, Moldova and the USA

CROATIA – Opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP) tables abortion law reform bill and calls for a commission to review anti-abortion advice centres

On 5 February 2020, SDP member of Parliament Sabina Glasovac outlined an SDP-sponsored bill on medically assisted pregnancy termination. She said that in Croatia abortion was legal, but it was neither accessible nor free. An abortion currently costs € 240-470. She said that some public hospitals did not provide abortions at all on conscience grounds. The bill envisages penalties for medical institutions that refuse to perform abortion.

CROATIA – Croatian women are accessing abortions in Slovenia

In February 2019, we reported that the cost of an abortion in Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) was two times lower than in Croatia, and that some women from Croatia were consequently deciding to have an abortion in BiH. Now, a recent investigation has found that Croatian women who live near the border with Slovenia are crossing that border for abortions too, in spite of the fact that both countries have a similar abortion law. The … Continued

CROATIA – “We cannot allow sex education to be put into the hands of theologians and nuns”

Officially, Croatian women can exercise the right to abortion liberally. But Croatia is a country with an active anti-abortion movement where, under pressure from the Church, few doctors are willing to implement the law. According to a study by the private television company RTL, six out of ten gynaecologists refuse to do abortions and five of the country’s 27 public hospitals also refuse. Then there are so-called prayer groups (like in the USA, says the … Continued

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