SLOVAKIA – Parliament set to discuss four punitive anti-abortion bills

In a new session that will run from 7-17 July, the Slovak Parliament will consider four new bills restricting access to abortion and vote whether each of them will move to a second reading, probably in September. The first bill, proposed by the majority parliamentary party, is thought to be most likely to be moved to a second reading. It proposes to change the mandatory waiting period between a request for an abortion and the … Continued

ROMANIA – Attempts to outlaw ‘gender’ as an ideological invention and again restrict sexuality education

Vying with Poland and Hungary, the Romanian Parliament passed an amendment to the National Education Law seeking to prohibit information on gender identity in schools, universities and other educational spaces. The amendment positions gender as an ideological invention and bans “theories and opinions on gender where it is a separate concept from biological sex”. The amendment would ban teachers, school counsellors, academics, doctors, social workers and non-governmental organisations from discussing topics related to gender, gender … Continued

EUROPE – Covid-19 in children and adolescents in Europe: a multinational, multicentre cohort study

A technical abstract is simplified here for ease of understanding, as the study contains two important findings: that children do get Covid-19 and are therefore a potential source of infection of each other and the adults in their lives, and secondly that only a small proportion of children develop severe disease, and death is rare.

POLAND – Criminalisation of doctors for illegal abortion “hidden” in Covid-19 plan for the economy

On the 23rd of June, sitting uncomfortably within Shield 4.0, the fourth package of “pandemic-related measures”, which was supposed to help the economy, were changes to the Polish Penal Code, added almost secretly. They include, for example, that up to eight-year prison sentences would be applied to those who provide abortions outside the limits of Poland’s already highly restrictive law. Other changes include penalties for offending the President, new crimes involving theft, and involuntary medical … Continued

CROATIA – Former President gives “the finger” to anti-abortion politicians

Croatia´s only female president to date, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, who served from 2015 until February 2020, became the latest woman to give the finger to several conservative politicians on 19 June for their anti-abortion statements while campaigning for July´s parliamentary elections. Many Croatian actresses, journalists and other female public figures have taken part in the campaign, which has seen lots of women posting pictures of themselves on social media, symbolically raising their middle fingers. “I join … Continued

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