SLOVAKIA – 136 parliamentarians call on Slovakia not to pass the tabled anti-abortion bill

The European Parliamentary Forum for Sexual & Reproductive Rights reports that in the past week, 136 parliamentarians from 27 countries across Europe, including 53 Members of the European Parliament, signed a letter voicing deep concern over recent attempts in the Slovakian Parliament to tighten the current abortion law.  The letter, dated 9 September 2020, urged the National Council’s ruling coalition to respect the fundamental rights of all Slovakians to make autonomous decisions about their own bodies and reproductive … Continued

SLOVAKIA – Protests and letters against further attempts to pass an anti-abortion bill

Abortions in Slovakia is currently legal on request until the 12th week of pregnancy. The latest opinion polls show that only a minority of the Slovak population would be in favour of stricter abortion regulations. Despite that, six anti-abortion bills were tabled in 2019, none of which was passed, and since the election of the largest Christian-conservative majority in years, there are now another several bills being looked at by the parliament. Thus, there are … Continued

EUROPE & AUSTRALIA – A decrease in premature births noted in a number of hospitals during Covid-19 lockdowns

As countries around the world told people to stay home to slow the spread of Covid-19, doctors in neonatal intensive care units were noticing something strange. It started with doctors in Ireland and Denmark. Each team, unaware of the other’s work, crunched the numbers and found that during the lockdowns, premature births – especially the earliest, most dangerous cases – had plummeted. When they shared their findings, they heard similar anecdotal reports from other countries. … Continued

STOP PRESS! POLAND & TURKEY – Demonstrations against Polish decision to leave the Istanbul Convention

The Polish government has announced its intention to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, the most comprehensive international treaty on violence against women. Thousands of women protested at the move in cities across Poland on 25 July 2020.

ABORTION SUPPORT NETWORK/ABORTION WITHOUT BORDERS EUROPE – In the time of Covid-19… we have learned a lot of things

Four months into abortion funding in the time of Covid-19, we have learned a lot of things. The biggest, most important lesson is that our volunteers, our Abortion Without Borders partners, our supporters, and all the abortion pirates we know are very well placed to handle a world that requires thinking on your feet, navigating uncharted territory and, our favourite activity, creative problem solving. Through airport closures, restricted border crossings, socially distanced buses, 14-day quarantine … Continued

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