VIETNAM – We did not talk about it (her abortion). It was not a happy story

In Vietnam, abortion has been recognized as a women’s right in the early period of time under the Law on Protection of People’s Health in 1989. For 30 years, despite very few occasions that abortion and its legislation are up to debate, the effort of anti-abortion campaigners usually fails to achieve their restriction in the national assembly meeting. However, this does not mean that safe abortion access is easy for everyone. We face issues of provider stigma, sexuality stigma, sex-selection politics and issues in the quality of abortion care.


This is a Storify report of the 9th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights, on 27-30 November 2017 in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. It can be found on the Twitter page of ARROW, the Asian-Pacific Resource & Research Centre, who report that they participated in the conference spirit of “Leave NO ONE Behind! Justice in Sexual and Reproductive Health,” the conference theme. There was a Youth Conference on the first day, … Continued

Second trimester abortion in Vietnam: ban or not ban

 by Phan Bich Thuy 28 November 2015 For the past 10 years imbalances in sex ratio at birth (SRB) has become a major concern in Vietnam. In order to solve this problem the government has adopted certain policies prohibiting use of technology to diagnose fetal sex thus advocating for gender equality… The belief that banning second trimester abortions would be a solution for imbalances in SRB has raised several arguments in Vietnam. This article … Continued

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