SOUTH KOREA – Justice Ministry Committee recommends repealing the current anti-abortion law

In April 2020, a coalition of women’s associations held a protest and a press conference in front of the National Assembly (photo above) to commemorate the first anniversary of the Constitutional Court’s ruling, calling for swift action to repeal the law. “The reality faced by South Korean women who have to endure violence and the stigma associated with abortion has not changed,” said Na Young, head of Share, an advocacy group for women’s rights. The … Continued

SOUTH KOREA – South Korean women campaigned hard for abortion law reform: and they got it!!!!

Since 6 April, some 60 pro-choice activist groups have been rallying in central Seoul, as have some 40 anti-abortion groups. Although a large majority in a recent survey of 10,000 people supported legalising abortion, not everyone agreed. In 2017, a high school student told a rally in Seoul she had been forced to end her education after having an abortion. “My teacher told me if I don’t leave school, he’d report me to the legal … Continued

SOUTH KOREA – Rally for abortion rights as Constitutional Court ruling is anticipated for this month

On 30 March, women’s rights activists took to the streets in central Seoul calling for the decriminalisation of abortion, a step that is necessary to protect women’s health and reproductive rights. The Constitutional Court is expected to rule this month on whether to uphold the restrictive law or rule that it is unconstitutional. The current law, from 1953, called the Mother and Child Health Law, says abortion is legal when the woman’s health is at … Continued

SOUTH KOREA – No arrests or charges following hospital investigation in Gyeongsang provinces

On 8 January 2019, we reported that women’s rights groups in the Gyeongsang provinces condemned a provincial police agency for investigating whether 26 women had had abortions in one maternity hospital. The police obtained information about the 26 women from the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service. Reportedly, a staffperson at the hospital had threatened to report the doctor and asked the doctor for 8 million won (± US$ 7,200) because the doctor had refused … Continued

SOUTH KOREA – Women’s rights activists condemn police for investigating 26 women on abortions

Women’s rights groups in the Gyeongsang provinces condemned a provincial police agency for investigating 26 women on whether they had abortions. Members of the women’s rights groups, including the Gyeongnam Women’s United Association, said they held a meeting with officials at the South Gyeongsang Province Police Agency on Monday and delivered a letter of complaint. Their protest came after a police station in the province was revealed to have checked whether 26 women who had … Continued

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