SRI LANKA: Abortion myth-busting and sex education are key to ensuring women’s rights as human rights

by Sarah Soysa, volunteer at the Family Planning Association of Sri Lanka Abortion myth-busting is urgently needed, as I discovered from several consultations and social media dialogues we had recently in Sri Lanka. Even today many people say that women can use contraception to avoid pregnancy, without knowing the realities of stigma around access to contraception and the lack of youth friendly health centres in the country. There is still a lack of understanding of … Continued

SRI LANKA: Youth Advocacy Networks

Will laws, unhygienic conditions and myths stop women from accessing unsafe abortions!?   by Lakmini Prabani Perera, Sri Lanka Under the Penal Code of 1883, abortion is illegal in Sri Lanka. So an abortion can only be performed to save the mother’s life.   Can a woman in Sri Lanka have an abortion to preserve her physical health? NO! Can a woman in Sri Lanka have an abortion to preserve her mental health? NO! Can … Continued

INDIA: Hidden Pockets Spoken Word : Abortion Rights

As part of the September 28th movement on access to services related to abortion, Hidden Pockets performed its first ever #SpokenWord performance on the issue of abortion at ‘100 Thousand Poets for Change’ event organised by Bring Back The Poets, Delhi, with Oindrila, Jasmine and Pallavi. We shouted for #abortionrights  and #AbortTheStigma. An excerpt from the performance : Married? Hell, No! I work 13 hours a day, I tried to keep a plant once, it … Continued

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