INDIA – A model to determine impact of Covid-19 on women’s access to abortion and recommendation for ensuring access

Ipas Development Foundation India undertook a modeling exercise to assess the short-term impact of COVID-19 on access to abortion services in India. The primary objective of the exercise was to estimate the extent to which access to abortion was compromised in the period since lockdown began on 25 March to 3 May, compared to 4-17 May and 18-31 May and the recovery period 1-24 June. They estimated that in usual times, 3.9 million abortions would … Continued

INDIA – Child marriage & teenage pregnancy: the Covid-19 connection

Child marriage has been steadily increasing during the lockdown and this is extremely worrisome. Even in pre lockdown years, the number of child marriages in India was problematic. Girls Not Brides states that 27% of girls in India are married before their 18th birthday and 7% are married before the age of 15. According to UNICEF, India has the highest absolute number of child brides in the world – 15,509,000. Now with the lockdown in place, the numbers are expected … Continued

BANGLADESH – Implementation of a context-specific accreditation assessment tool for affirming quality midwifery education in Bangladesh: a qualitative research study

Only recently did midwifery become a profession in Bangladesh. As such, sufficient quality education, both theory and practice, remains a challenge. In 2018, a context-specific accreditation assessment tool for affirming quality midwifery education was therefore developed and implemented. The objective of this paper is to describe both the positive and negative aspects of the implementation of an accreditation process at midwifery education institutions in Bangladesh and to sketch out areas for possible improvement.

NEPAL – Delivering critical reproductive health services during the pandemic

“Evidence shows that women and girls are disproportionately affected during any humanitarian situation and their health problems are often unmet, face violence and sometimes lead to the situation where their lives are in danger due to lack of medical care during childbirth, adoption of harmful practices in terminating unwanted pregnancies. To prevent these situations, the government should devise an alternate plan where women have full access to health service they need but at the same … Continued

PHILIPPINES – Likhaan Center Clinics open during Covid-19 lockdown

After seeing her brother locked up in a city jail despite being a minor, for charges that were withdrawn, Michelle (not her real name) discovered how poor families like hers are not treated fairly. Since then, the 15-year-old girl dreamed of becoming a lawyer but she was forced to set aside her ambition after learning that she was six months pregnant last January. Her 19-year-old boyfriend wanted to keep the baby, but Michelle insisted on getting an abortion. If they dropped out of school now, she was certain they would not be able to find decent-paying jobs.

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