JAPAN – Kyoto’s first International Safe Abortion Day event

The following describes the programme of an event held to mark International Safe Abortion Day 2019 in Kyoto: “Our first event was on 27 September 2019; dozens of people gathered in Kyoto. The message our programme was that medical abortion has not been approved in Japan. Moreover, D&C, a less safe method, is still used for more than 80% of early abortions here. Abortion is deeply stigmatized in this nation, but we, some Japanese feminists, decided … Continued

JAPAN – Government suits over forced sterilisation and abortion under former eugenics law

A Hokkaido couple and a Kumamoto Prefecture man have filed suits against the Japanese government on 28 June 2018 over forced sterilisations and abortion under the now defunct eugenics protection law (1948-1996) in violation of their reproductive rights and their constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness. These cases, filed in two district courts, call for a total of 55 million yen in compensation from the central government. The plaintiffs argue that the government and … Continued

Japan: Space Allies- Feminist festival draws 500 participants, Tokyo

  On September 29, we held a big feminist festival in the Metropolitan Tokyo area, in which more than 500 women gathered. Most participants are the leaders of the women’s liberation movements since the 1970s. The list of participants included an incumbent member of parliament, an ex-member of parliament, and many feminist musicians. In this festival, along with many feminist songs and dances, the leaders of various area of the women’s liberation movements made a … Continued

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