INDONESIA – Effect of a smartphone intervention on self-managed medication abortion experiences among safe abortion hotline clients: a randomized, controlled trial

Objective: To investigate the impact of a smartphone app providing information and support for medication abortion on the ‘feelings of support’ and ‘preparedness’ among clients of Samsara, a safe-abortion hotline in Indonesia.

INDONESIA – “Let’s move together to support women’s choices over their bodies”

Samsara has organised for the 28 September campaign since 2011, and now we involving more networks to join us in Gerak 28 September (28 September Movement) at Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Our allies chose the theme: “Let’s move together to support women’s choices over their bodies” in the context of the situation in Indonesia about abortion, that still restricts for women. Our activities included: – A Quiz Contest “Knowledge of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in the … Continued

INDONESIA – Proposed new criminal code related to sexual relations and much more leads to protest demonstrations

There is bad news from Indonesia. The government has apparently finalised a new criminal code with over 600 clauses that has been in the drafting stage for decades. Clauses related to sexual relations, adultery, sex work, abortion, contraception, blasphemy, and much more are very restrictive and criminalise many new behaviours and people. Abortion would be illegal unless it is a medical emergency or due to rape and would carry a four-year prison sentence. Sex before … Continued

INDONESIA – Second-trimester medication abortion outside the clinic setting: an analysis of electronic client records from a safe abortion hotline in Indonesia

This study is a retrospective analysis of anonymised electronic client records from callers to a safe abortion hotline in Indonesia. Between July 2012 and October 2016, a total of 96 women contacted the hotline for information on medication abortion beyond 12 weeks’ gestation and are included in this study.

INDONESIA: 28 SEPTEMBER REPORT – Communal movement supporting women’s choice over her body

Since 2011, Samsara has been actively involved in the September 28 campaign. This year, Samsara had two objectives. First, to give support to women who experience unplanned pregnancies and who conduct the abortion. Second, to mobilize support from a wider community to decriminalize and destigmatize abortion – by directly meeting with various communities, organizations, and individuals in Yogyakarta.

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