SEXUALITY POLICY WATCH – SexPolitics: Trends and Tensions in the 21st Century – Contextual Undercurrents

This new collection of papers edited by Sonia Corrêa and Richard Parker is the fourth publication of Sexuality Policy Watch’s most recent cycle of transnational analyses of sexual politics, begun in 2015. It comprises seven articles chartering main trends and debates at work in sexual politics in Africa, the Anglo-Caribbean Region, Europe, Latin America, post-Soviet countries as well as China and India.

CHINA – Exploring women’s decisions about childbearing after the lifting of the one-child policy

The goal of this study was to qualitatively understand the childbearing decision process in the new era of the two-child policy. We conducted in-depth, semi-structured interviews with 45 postpartum women at two hospitals in Zhejiang Province, China. The interviews explored women’s views on the two-child policy and reproductive decisions and how they decided to have their first or second child.

CHINA – Jiangxi province has restricted abortion after the 14th week of pregnancy because of the sex ratio imbalance

Jiangxi province’s Health and Family Planning Commission recently issued a notice saying that women who are over 14 weeks pregnant who seek an abortion must have the signed approval of three medical professionals to confirm the abortion is medically necessary, according to the provincial government’s news site The provincial authorities say this is to help to balance the sex ratio. The report said the authorities will also conduct a special inquiry into the qualifications … Continued

HONG KONG – Reasons for “illegal abortions” in Hong Kong

  High costs for private hospitals and overburdened public health services in Hong Kong are being blamed for women turning to the black market or backstreet clinics on the mainland for abortion help. Local lawmaker Shiu Ka-chun, who represents the social welfare sector in the Legislative Council, condemned this as a huge “class problem” when she spoke to South China Morning Post after two women were jailed for carrying out illegal abortions as a result … Continued

In Hong Kong, accessing abortion is difficult, expensive, and dangerous

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A group called Teen’s Key has a new program supporting girls with unwanted pregnancies and new young mothers in a tiny office in Kowloon. They describe how young women have to search the black market by looking for flyers on office buildings that read “GYN”, for clinics that open, close and constantly move, many in Kowloon’s Mong Kok neighborhood.

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