Reproductive health and the politics of abortion in Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania Organized by Astrid Blystad, Karen Marie Moland, Haldis Haukanes, Getnet TadeleInternational Journal for Equity in Heath From the Introduction The papers in this thematic collection spring out of a comparative and transnational research endeavor on competing normative processes and discourses on abortion and fertility control. The project investigated how international initiatives and national policies articulate with local moralities and practices related to fertility control … Continued

FEATURE: UNFPA warns against unsafe abortions in Zambia

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has warned against unsafe abortion, which can lead to injury, disability or death among women and girls. UNFPA says there is therefore need to raise awareness among women and clinicians that there is, however, abortion legislation in Zambia that allows women to seek safe abortions at health centres. In a policy brief on “Status of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Zambia”, UNFPA says safe abortions are legally … Continued

ZAMBIA – “When he asks for sex, you will never refuse”: transactional sex and adolescent pregnancy in Zambia

Pregnancy among adolescent girls in Zambia is a significant concern on its own and as a factor in school dropout and early marriage, with one‐third of girls aged 15–19 having experienced pregnancy. Using qualitative and quantitative data from the Adolescent Girls Empowerment Program, we explore transactional sex as a driver of adolescent pregnancy.

ZAMBIA – Shaping the abortion policy – competing discourses on the Zambian termination of pregnancy act

by Marte E S Haaland, Haldis Haukanes, Joseph Mumba Zulu, Karen Marie Moland, Charles Michelo, Margarate Nzala Munakampe, Astrid Blystad International Journal for Equity in Health 2019 January;18:20  DOI: 10.1186/s12939-018-0908-8 (Open access) Abstract Introduction The Zambian Termination of Pregnancy Act permits abortion on socio-economic grounds, but access to safe abortion services is limited and this constitutes a considerable problem for rights to sexual and reproductive health. The case of Zambia provides an opportunity to explore the relationship between … Continued

ZAMBIA – Conscientious objection to abortion: Zambian healthcare practitioners’ beliefs and practices

This in-depth study of conscientious objection to abortion provision in Zambia is based on qualitative interviews (n=51) with practitioners working across the health system who object and do not object to providing abortion services in accordance with their cadre. Interviews were conducted in September 2015. Regardless of whether practitioners self-identified as providers or non-providers of abortion services, they presented similar religiously-informed understandings of abortion as a morally-challenging practice that is, or not, shifted from iniquity to acceptability based on the reasons for which it has been requested or the likelihood of unsafe abortion if services are not provided.

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