DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Groupe de Volontaires pour la Promotion de la Maternité sans Risques en RDC (GVP-MASAR/RDC)

The right to sexual and reproductive health in DRC will be effective only if the authorities understand that women and girl who are often victims of sexual violence have the ultimate decision to keep or abort their unwanted pregnancies. We support women’s right to safe abortion and will hold a meeting among midwives working at the community level to address the issue of abortion stigma and access to safe abortion services.   Source: WGNRR website

UGANDA: SAAF Partners Alliance Uganda

A Day in Memory of Women Who Died from Unsafe Abortion in Uganda   This will be a memorial day for women who passed away because of unsafe abortion in Uganda. It will start by a public peaceful march, participants dressed in African mourning clothes holding candles and key messages on the toll of unsafe abortion in Uganda. Gathering in a public place (TBD) where a big candle will be lighten, participants will observe a … Continued

UGANDA: Community Network for Reproductive Rights

Abortion – an action undertaken to effectively terminate a pregnancy – has existed since time immemorial and is a common experience during women’s reproductive and sexual lives. Globally, approximately 44 million pregnancies worldwide end in voluntary termination each year. In Uganda over 300,000 abortions are carried out every year and most of these are unsafe due to the restricting legal environment. An estimated 26% of all pregnancy related deaths in Uganda are due to unsafe … Continued

TANZANIA: Women’s Promotion Centre

Public Forum on the Consequences of Unsafe Abortion in Tanzania   WPC will organize a forum in Mwanza city where representatives from CSOs partners of the TSAAP, media, provincial government authorities, lawyers and opinion leaders will discuss the toll of unsafe abortion and its deadly consequences in the country. WPC evidence based documentary and research findings on unsafe abortion will be shared and participants will debate barriers that hinder women to access safe abortion with focus on … Continued

NIGERIA: Fight against abortion stigma and discrimination

This Generation for Women and Youth Network (GIWYN) and the National Coalition and others celebrated the September 28 Day of Action in two states in Nigeria (Lagos and Imo States). The activities included: • A forum was organized at Owerri which included: Deputy Directors of Management Board, Midwives, Nurses, Nurse Attendants, Ttraditional Birth Attendants, Politicians, Staff of a Family Planning Unit, Ipas Imo State and other women, girls and men. • Publication of an article … Continued

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