SOUTH SUDAN – Access to Health for Survivors of Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in South Sudan

“The study found that funding for public health care in South Sudan has not been prioritized, with just 1.2% (USD 14 million) of the national budget allocated for this purpose. This has resulted in international organizations using donor funding to try to fill the gap. Despite the enormous financial investment, the medical response for survivors of sexual violence remains weak. “The report found that there is, on average, only one health facility per 10,000 people … Continued

RWANDA – Rwanda once again pardons and releases young women jailed for abortion

The first pardon came in 2016, when 62 girls and women were released who had been imprisoned for abortion under the age of 16. Many of them had become pregnant following sexual abuse. Then, the Law of 2018 introduced some reform. It said that any person who self-induces an abortion is committing an offence, and if convicted, is liable to imprisonment for 1–3 years and subject to a fine. However, the law also said criminal … Continued

SEVEN ACTIONS AFRICA – Economic impact of Covid-19 hitting women in Africa harder

The measures many States have put in place in Africa to respond to Covid-19 are often discriminatory in the ways they are developed, formulated, implemented, and measured. The majority of government response plans that are currently been rolled out have little to no inclusion of a gender lens. Yet evidence is mounting that the economic impacts of Covid-19 are hitting women harder. 74% of women in Africa are engaged in the informal economy, working as … Continued

UGANDA – Maternal and newborn deaths in lockdown

Scovia Nakawooya’s baby died inside her as she struggled to reach a hospital on foot to give birth. She died hours later – one of at least seven women in labour to become casualties of Uganda’s Covid-19 lockdown, a rights group said. Fearful that the viral pandemic could overwhelm already overburdened hospitals, authorities have banned private transport without special authorisation. But in a poor country with few ambulances, the travel ban can be deadly for … Continued

KENYA – Covid-19 is cutting off Africa’s abortion access, reports Foreign Policy

The collapse of medical supply chains has been a catastrophe for women in developing countries. Lockdowns have made matters worse. When a mother of three, aged 27, missed her period in March, she felt her stomach sink with dread. She is a farmer in western Kenya; her husband is a motorcycle taxi driver. Together, they barely make enough to feed their family. Unable to care for another child, she visited a local health clinic, walking … Continued

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