ALGERIA – At least 20 more people arrested related to illegal abortions so far this year

This week, we were sent a list of news articles published in Algerian media that add information to the article we published in the Campaign newsletter of 17 June 2020, which was about three providers of clandestine abortion and a pregnant woman charged by police. This additional information indicates that since the beginning of 2020, there have been at least 20 more people arrested in Algeria, either for seeking an abortion or helping a woman … Continued

NAMIBIA – A true story of unsafe abortion & a petition to make abortion safe and legal

“N was in Grade 10 at the time (in 2010) and her parents at the village expected her to finish school and make something of her life. Due to these expectations from her loved ones and fears of stigma, N, who was living with an uncle at the time, desperately started thinking of ways to safely terminate her four-month pregnancy. “When I found out I was pregnant, I felt bad. I was in school and … Continued

Whistleblowing and patient safety during Covid-19

It has been rightly noted that health workers globally must be able to speak out during Covid-19, allowing them to draw public attention to inadequate personal protection equipment (PPE) supplies and unsafe working conditions, while being protected from censorship, attack, government intimidation, harassment, and arrest. But such systemic failure to provide health workers with the resources they need represents only one of numerous situations in which clinicians may consider raising the alarm. Health service whistleblowing procedures that are secure and robust are of paramount importance to patient safety, and must be strengthened and protected during Covid-19.

SUDAN – Illegal abortions remain dangerous and deadly

A Sudanese doctor who worked in one of the largest hospitals in Khartoum told IPS News that she was devastated to witness the deaths of 50 young women who had had unsafe abortions, usually from sepsis, in just three months. She also said she would see 16 cases of failed abortions on any given day. “I would insert my hand and pull out syringes or leaves, unsanitary items, that were inserted by midwives to induce … Continued

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