NIGERIA – Nigeria needs to review its 1861 abortion law, high rates of unsafe abortions and unwanted adolescent pregnancies

With over 2.7 million unsafe abortions every year and a high rate of unwanted pregnancies among adolescents, Nigeria is being encouraged to examine its laws, policies and service delivery on contraception and abortion. In Benin City, a youth-led NGO called Connected Advocacy for Empowerment and Youth Development Initiative (CAEYDI) has called on primary healthcare centres to improve youth-friendly reproductive health services to address the high rate of unwanted pregnancies among adolescents and youth in Edo … Continued

FEATURE: NIGERIA – Reproductive Health Information Hotline: an intervention towards addressing women’s challenges within the Covid-19 outbreak

In Nigeria, where abortion is legally restricted except to save a woman’s life, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to more limited and complicated sexual reproductive health and abortion services. As the spread of the virus increases quite quickly, the number of people who test positive has been increasing daily. Schools, companies and society have implemented the lockdown strategy in both the formal and informal sectors, including the recommendation to work from home (for office workers) to limit the pandemic. Almost 200 million people, 49% of them women, stocked their homes with goods for more than four weeks, as a strategy to prevent the spread of the virus. In this situation, GIWYN has continued to manage the Ms Rosy Hotline, working from home to increase access to reproductive health information and services. Access to information on effective contraception, abortion options and essential medicines is one of the most cost-effective, practical community interventions that will help to reduce unintended pregnancy and deaths that are preventable. For women to have access to the reproductive health services they need, the hotline has become vital, particularly with the health care system overburdened.

NIGERIA – Doctor, guardian, remanded over abortion for 14-yr-old girl. But what about the rape?

A chief magistrate court in Kafanchan remanded a community doctor and and another man in a custodial centre for alleged criminal conspiracy and causing the death of an unborn child. The girl’s father filed the complaint. The doctor is the owner of a private hospital in Kafanchan and was charged for allegedly aborting a pregnancy for a 14-year-old girl. The girl was said to have been defiled and impregnated by her foster father, who later … Continued

FEATURE: NIGERIA – Dying to give their husbands a boy and other reasons for pregnancy-related deaths

Each day in Nigeria, women are battling with their lives and health, going through immense physical and psychological torture in their marriages, for not producing a male child. The culture of male child preference has resulted in all kinds of violence against women, which is on the rise in Nigeria, according to the European Union and United Nations Spotlight Initiative. Maternal mortality in Nigeria is 576 per 100,000 live births, the fourth highest globally, according to UNICEF.

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