NAMIBIA – Voices for Choices & Rights Coalition: In-person and online protest to demand abortion rights

A petition addressed to the Honorable Dr Kalumbi Shangula, Minister of Health and Social Services, has already garnered 61,310 signatures. Here are some terrific video and visual pictures from the march in Windhoek, posted on social media by the main organiser, Voices for Choices & Rights Coalition…

NAMIBIA – A true story of unsafe abortion & a petition to make abortion safe and legal

“N was in Grade 10 at the time (in 2010) and her parents at the village expected her to finish school and make something of her life. Due to these expectations from her loved ones and fears of stigma, N, who was living with an uncle at the time, desperately started thinking of ways to safely terminate her four-month pregnancy. “When I found out I was pregnant, I felt bad. I was in school and … Continued

NAMIBIA/SOUTH AFRICA – Namibia to decriminalise abandonment of babies, but not South Africa

The government of Namibia has decriminalised the act of abandoning a newborn baby, which gender activists say is usually the result of difficulties in obtaining an abortion. Elsarien Katiti, media officer of Sister Namibia, an organisation that campaigns for women’s rights, discusses this in this BBC audio report.  Statistics from the Namibian police show that in 2017/18, only 25 cases of abandonment of babies were reported, but about 7,300 cases of abortion were recorded. This … Continued

NAMIBIA – Consultation on policy to reduce teen pregnancy reveals criticism because it isn’t working

In May 2018, five months into the school calendar year, the Oshana and Ohangwena regions have recorded 232 pregnancies, some in girls as young as age 14. The parliamentary standing committee on gender equality, social development and family affairs released these figures during consultative meetings held in the region, where they sought input from pupils, teachers, parents and other community members on teenage pregnancies. This took place after Popular Democratic Movement parliamentarian Elma Dienda had … Continued

NAMIBIA, EL SALVADOR, USA – Why are so many women being prosecuted for miscarriages and stillbirth?

On 6 February, we reported the case of a woman from Namibia who was charged with murder, allegedly for using abortion pills to induce the termination her pregnancy, which was described as being in the last stage. The original media report said that the woman was taken to hospital because she was in great abdominal pain. It was then noticed that she was in labour. The report goes on: “…the nurses on duty while examining … Continued

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