MOZAMBIQUE: ADVOCACY PROJECT – Implementing Mozambique’s 2014 abortion law

Mozambique liberalised its abortion law in 2014, granting legal abortion on request in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, and longer upper limits in cases of rape, incest and fetal anomaly. The Associação Moçambicana de Obstetras e Ginecologistas (AMOG), a member of FIGO, was proud to support this change in the law. Clinical norms to guide treatment were also made available, and benefitted from AMOG’s technical expertise while being developed. However, barriers that prevent women … Continued

MOZAMBIQUE – The growing toll of the Global Gag Rule

First-trimester abortion has been legal in Mozambique since 2014. AMODEFA, the national family planning association, refused to sign the Trump iteration of the Gag Rule. They lost 60% of their budget, were forced to lay off one-third of their staff, had to close clinics across the country and dramatically reduce the services at the clinics that remained open. Half of their innovative youth clinics were shuttered. Family planning and contraceptive services, HIV testing and treatment, … Continued

Strategies to advance abortion rights and access in restrictive settings: a cross-country analysis

In 2015, Pathfinder undertook a cross-country stakeholder analysis to identify key characteristics of strategies adopted to advance abortion rights and access, focusing on four countries – Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of Congo – in which they and their partners have collaborated toward this end. This technical brief explores key themes from these four countries, each representing differing profiles of legal and social abortion restrictiveness.

MOZAMBIQUE: September 28 in Maputo

In Mozambique, the Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights hosted an event on the current state of abortion in the country (including the implementation of the new abortion law). With 65 people in attendance, the event was a huge success. Female mannequins were placed at the entrance of the hall as well as in the street, with signs inviting people to leave messages related to safe and free abortion. At the meeting, Dalmácia Cossa, legal … Continued

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