What makes a likely abortion provider? Evidence from a nationwide survey of final-year students at Ghana’s public midwifery training colleges

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Midwifery students at Ghana’s public midwifery training colleges report that they are likely to provide CAC. Ensuring that midwives-in-training are well trained in abortion services, as well as encouraging empathy in these students, may increase the number of providers of safe abortion care in Ghana.

Unpacking the barriers to reproductive health services in Ghana: HIV/STI testing, abortion and contraception

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Overall being embarrassed or shy, fear of safety, fear of family finding out and cost were the most reported barriers across all services. Further analysis by service indicated that being embarrassed was a significantly greater barrier for HIV/STI testing and contraception when compared with abortion and safety concerns and cost were significantly greater barriers for abortion and contraception compared with HIV/STI testing.

Disparities in abortion experience and access to safe abortion services in Ghana: evidence from a retrospective survey

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Results suggest that 24% of women had at least one abortion in the five years preceding the survey. However, large gradients of socio-spatial disparities in abortion experience exist. The majority of abortions were also potentially unsafe: 53% of abortions occurred outside of any health care facility. Women themselves and medical doctors, respectively, performed 57% and 4% of all abortions.

Report: Despite some legal grounds, safe abortion remains largely inaccessible in Ghana

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The Committee is concerned that, despite the legally available exceptions to the prohibition of abortion, safe abortion remains largely inaccessible due to the stigma associated to voluntary termination of pregnancy in the society and to its relatively high cost and the fact that it is not covered by the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Ghanian study on midwifery students’ likelihood to provide abortion services

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Sarah D Rominski, Jody Lori, Emmanuel Nakua, Veronica Dzomeku, Cheryl A Moyer Contraception 2016;93(3):226–232 http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0010782415006459 Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Kumasi, Ghana http://www.nmtcksi.edu.gh/ Even in countries where the abortion law is technically liberal, the full application of the law has been delayed due to resistance on the part of providers to offer services. Ghana has a liberal law, allowing abortions for a wide range of indications. The current study sought to investigate factors associated with … Continued

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