GABON – Therapeutic abortion legalised in Gabon, especially for girls, but criminal sanctions retained

This is a summary of a report, in French, by Gabon Media Time. As part of reforms in the Penal Code, Law No. 042/2018 of 5 July 2019 in the Penal Code says that voluntary interruption of pregnancy is authorised in Gabon on the following grounds: “when it has been proved that the fetus will be born with serious or incurable physical malformations, when the pregnancy seriously compromises the mother’s life, or when the conception … Continued

GABON: POST-ABORTION CARE – Pathways to access post-abortion care in Lambaréné and environs

In February 2018, the Central African Network for Women’s Reproductive Health (Réseau d’Afrique centrale pour la santé reproductive des femmes) conducted a study on the extent of abortions among Gabonese women and girls and how they accessed post-abortion care for complications.

GABON – Transient reduction in abortion-related deaths after interventions to reduce delays in provision of care at Centre Hospitalier de Libreville, Gabon

In this article, we describe the results of changes in abortion-related fatalities in CHL over four consecutive 3-year periods: 2005-07, 2008-10, 2011-13, and 2014-16. The outcome evaluated was the number of abortion-related deaths per 1000 women and the proportion of all maternal deaths caused by abortion. Analysis was based on retrospective evaluation of clinical records without identification of patients; thus, informed consent was not requested. This study was approved by the administration of CHL acting as the ethical review committee. No statistical analysis was done. The abortion-related fatality rate fell from 12.3 per 1000 abortions between 2005 and 2007, to 2.9 per 1000 in 2008–10, and 0.7 per 1000 in 2011–13 (Table 1). Abortion-related maternal deaths accounted for 25% of all maternal deaths in the first period, with this percentage decreasing to 10% in the second period and to 2% in the third period. After the changes in hospital administration, the abortion-related fatality rate increased to 10 per 1000 abortions and to 14% of all maternal deaths between 2014 and 2016. Our findings suggest that abortion-related mortality can be substantially reduced by interventions within the hospital aimed at improving the care of women with abortion-related complications, particularly by reducing delays in the provision of effective care. These findings also highlight the importance of constantly motivating hospital staff to ensure that this beneficial effect remains.

Sensibilisation Santé Sexualité (Awareness Health Sexuality in Gabon)

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“Our Centre aims to have a welcoming atmosphere, offering listening and counselling without prejudice or restrictions to young people in search of information about their emotional and sexual lives. We would like one day to become a truly integrated family planning centre as well as a centre for studies on sexual health in collaboration with various local and international partners.”

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